BUCKS BUZZ REPORT: "Giannis Antetokounmpo Pulls A JBL On Us & Officially Joins The Thriving Brand's Ambassador Program!"



Let me ask you this.  How in the world do you practice basketball without your favorite tunes to jam out too?  And what if you have your favorite tunes selected on your smartphone with a playlist ready to go but you don’t even have the proper headphones or earbuds equipped so they’ll actually... sound good!?  Guess what? Giannis did himself a solid and won’t have to worry about his sound equipment needs anymore as he just signed a deal with JBL powerhouse sound company and is now officially apart of their ambassador program along with other NBA superstars!  Got JBL? Don’t ask Giannis...his home probably completely pimped out with it now.


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If you did not already know, JBL a leading home and professional audio sound company is the official audio partner of the NBA since 2014.  James Bullough Lansing founded the company in 1946 and now they are literally teaming up with some of the biggest stars in the NBA and beyond.  It turns out that Giannis Antetokounmpo has teamed up with them as well and officially represents the company as an ambassador. When rival company Beats By Dre gets a lot of buzz it seems to be that JBL has the edge at least when it comes to the NBA world and possibly even sound quality?  Hmmmm…

I am actually a pretty good source to speak an opinion about both company’s products because I have in fact actually owned both company’s products!  Let me make it clear though that I AM NOT an affiliate or sales rep with JBL. No, actually one of JBL’s reps contacted me a week ago in an email and referred me to this recent article about Giannis signing a deal with JBL and asked me to share it with their readers.  So I emailed the rep back and said I would do a featured article on the news! Hey why not? I mean it’s kind of fun news and that’s what the BUCKS BUZZ REPORTS are all about! I just threw this out there so my readers don’t think I am intentionally trying to write a commercial here…

Anyway, so I actually have strong opinions on both products I own.  I’ll try to be brief(ish) since my intention is not to write a full review for either companies since this is a Bucks blog and not an audio tech blog.  But it might happen anyways lol. Let me start with the Beats Solo Headphones.

I used to own a pair of these Solo headphones and I’ll be completely honest with you...I loved them!  However, there were some clear issues as well and I gotta be real with you, they were probably the dumbest issues you could have which made my experience of owning them actually pretty frustrating regardless of the fact that they enhanced the music I listened to.  My Beats were perfect for the music that I listen to since I’m a HUGE EDM guy and all I listen to basically is electronic music and this is where Beats shine as they have a custom EQ built inside their headphone tech that is suited for this kind of music as far as I understand.  That’s all fine and dandy but if they are falling apart it doesn’t matter how your headphones sound!

That’s right.  My Beats were falling apart on me!  Beats headphones look super fancy and I personally love their style.  I liked how the headphones fit on my head and it was my favorite item I owned for awhile.  However, it’s clear that they are made with probably a relatively cheap plastic (which might not be so different to other comparable headphones on the market so it’s maybe not a huge negative) but worse than that, the actual fabric from the cushy phones themselves literally over time, slid out as it was just clamped between the plastic anyway!  Seriously. The fabric covering the phones themselves is just clamped between the plastic instead being glued on or secured in using a better method! Maybe this just how most headphones are naturally constructed, I wouldn’t know, but it sure didn’t take long for this issue to arrive with my beats (unlike other headphones I've owned before).

So I was sporting these dope looking headphones until their clothes came off exposing the oh so sexy spungy cushion underneath the fabric!  Lol! Yup...I felt real cool. Real sexy... I literally had to wear these little rascals with duck tape wrapped around the whole damn thing for a significant period of time!  That sucked. They are $200 headphones and for me if I am going to pay that much for headphones for purely just casual use they better be durable and stay together! On top of that, as much as I enjoyed the sound quality because it fit my music preference...honestly, they sound like shit when listening to anything else lol.

Seriously, the knock is a real thing.  These headphones have glorified style and unless you are listening to hip hop or electronic music they just don’t sound good as they are way too bassy for other music genres.  That’s what I preferred though because I listened to bass heavy music mostly so it worked for me. However, it’s clear that there are other companies out there that produce higher quality headphones, minus the gimmicks, and minus the extra bucks you’ll pay!

Meet JBL…


To start things off here, let me note that I generally hear people tell me that JBL has really superior sound quality over the Beats By Dre Brand and it appears that they come at a much lower price.  If Giannis Antetounmpo is all about quality instead of flash and flare (which I think he is!) then it is no surprise to me that he partnered up with JBL instead of Beats By Dre (whom I’m guessing have probably approached him at some point in time).

Ok so I currently own two JBL products and the first one is the “in-ear” JBL Free bluetooth earbuds!  Let’s get the one minor complaint I have about them out of the way shall we!? It’s the fact that they are kind of glitchy when trying to connect to your device.  Sometimes you have to munk around with them a bit to get them connected. However, I feel like this isn’t a legitimate complaint though because syncing bluetooth devices in general is often a finicky process no matter what device you are using.  Also, I should note that I never purchased these ear-buds myself as they were given to me as a gift after being used for quite a while so I have never experienced them right out of the box brand new to be fair.

Now with that said, let's talk about what I love about these ear-buds!  First of all, I do like their style quite a bit. They make me feel futuristic with the blue LED lights that glow lol.  Also, they fit in my ears pretty good knowing that they don't have any piece that clamps to your ears or anything like some do.  You cannot expect that in-ear buds are going to fit your ears perfectly as they don't come in different sizes and everyone's ears are different!  Fortunately, they stay in real well if I'm not shaking my head around real jerky like. If you move your head around real jerky with it...well you can expect any pair of ear-buds to fall out!  Do yourself a solid and make sure you don't do exercise or wash dishes with these little rascals in your ears! Speaking of washing dishes...I used to do that while wearing these and just recently one ear bud fell in my soapy water!  YIKES! But this is another thing I really like about these things...they still work! Yup! I can't believe it either! They work perfectly even after being submerged in soapy water! No joke. Kind of crazy if you ask me. These things are pretty dang durable really.  I drop them on a regular basis and they still work great. The JBL Free's have a real hard and thick protective plastic as far as I can see and I think they were designed this way since you have to expect that they will fall out of your ears once in a while.

Let's move onto sound quality.  I'm no audio expert but I personally think these things sound great!  They have great bass and cover the frequency spectrum really well! All music sounds great through these things.  They are neutral and I think that is ideal for most users. Also they have great noise isolation if that's what you need.  With that said, I think most ear-buds probably do right? I mean they literally cover your entire ear hole! I mean if you don't want that isolation then don't get ear-buds!

Now let's finish up here and talk about the bonus features.  This is my favorite part about the JBL Free ear-buds! There is a button on the front of each ear-bud and they control your basic transport controls through whatever music app you are using!  Dope right!? Having to carry a separate remote or even reach for your phone every time to change your track and navigate your tunes is a pain in the butt would you agree? Being able to navigate your music right from the ear-buds themselves is extremely convenient!  It's really simple too. Two quick clicks on the left bud will restart the current track and even play the previous track with another two clicks as one click will play the next track. Clicking the right bud with start and stop your music. It's that easy! In fact their might even be more controls I am unaware of but that's really all I need!


Ok I'll give a quick shout out about the other product I own which is the JBL Clip 2 speakerbox.  Once again, this speaker was given to me after previously being used just for your reference! Really I don't have a whole lot to say about this product as it is high quality all the way!  It can plug into your device input as well as connect via bluetooth which is freaking awesome! Having both features is a major plus here. Also, it's durable and the sound quality is great for a very affordable portable speaker.  It has solid bass and a clean, clear sound as well! I think the biggest question with these speakers usually is if they can get very loud or not. This little bugger checks the box there for sure! Some of these portable speakers I think are too wimpy when it comes to max volume capability.  This one on the other hand passes the test. It's no home theater sound system by any means but it gets as loud as you need it to get. It's a simple device and it works great! That's really all I have to say.

So wrapping up here...  As a JBL product user I'm extremely pleased with the two products that I own and I would love to try others within their product line!  You can bet your Bucks that Giannis loves his new audio tech as well! JBL clearly delivers phenomenal audio quality and this is probably the main reason why they are the official audio sponsor of the entire NBA!  The most important takeaway here is that Giannis can now practice in peace while jamming to his favorite tunes while repping that three-ball every day in the gym... There we go!




Why not do yourself a solid just like Giannis did and hook yourself up with some dope JBL products!?

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BUZZ REPORT quick points

  • Giannis is officially an ambassador of the JBL audio tech company.

  • JBL is the offical audio sponsor of the NBA.

  • You can be assured that giannis has his entire home completely teched out with JBL devices (party at the Freak's place!?).

  • Giannis probably drains more three-balls when listening to his favorite tunes wearing his JBLs!

  • Beats By Dre products look dope but they are overrated and over priced!

  • JBL products look just as cool as the Beats product line!

  • JBL offers superior sound quality and superior durability with their products over Beats By Dre!

sources for reference

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As I already mentioned, I am not an affiliate or sales rep for JBL but...maybe I should be?  Ha! Maybe I should pull a Giannis and become a JBL ambassador as well!? Real ambassador with it...  Well the truth is that is completely up to JBL. Who knows, maybe they'll feature this post on their Facebook and Twitter feeds?  That would be dope! Yo JBL do TIGER solid and feature this post on your social media! Hey I already did YOU a solid and created this post for YOU so the least you could do is exchange a solid for a solid right?  Hit me up with some feedback if you like this post or would be interested in sponsoring Bucks On Fire blog in exchange for future promotion of your products and brand as well as a featured JBL column right on the blog!  Get back to me JBL! Thanks!








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