BUCKS BUZZ REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks New State Of The Art Basketball Arena Is Officially Called "Fiserv Forum"!



The Milwaukee Bucks officially have a naming rights partner for their new facility and most importantly...a name for the facility!  For the next 25 years you won't be watching Bucks games at a center, nor an arena, but instead a Forum.  That's right, the Bucks have teamed up with Fiserv Inc. and the new facility will be called Fiserv Forum!  It will really take you off guard at first but it's been really growing on me and I think it will for you too!  Let's dive into how the agreement went down.




So to break the ice here, you may have not realized this but the Bucks have been in a bit of a panic mode for the last few months in terms of solidifying a naming rights partner.  Isn't it kind of weird that it's taken this long for the Bucks new basketball arena (oops...we have to say forum now!) to have an official name?  Also, maybe you did not realize this either but selling the naming rights to another company was a major component to getting a new arena deal with the NBA so we could keep the Bucks in Milwaukee!  So the Bucks finally got this resolved which is fantastic for the organization and even just the city of Milwaukee and all of our peace of mind.

The details on of this business agreement include a rare 25 year naming rights contract with Fiserv Inc. for a whopping $250 million to help pay for the Bucks new forum!  Holy beer brats!  That's a big time deal!  The funny thing is that basically no body even knew who or what Fiserv Inc. was when the announcement was made.  The most important things to know are that they are a local financial technology company worth $31 billion and their headquarters is stationed in Brookfield WI.  Apparently they are a very prestigious and innovative company and the Milwaukee Bucks top choice to partner up with so they got exactly what they wanted!  Yay!  It's a cool thing that the Bucks are bringing "local" hardcore to all of their business partner relationships these days.  Last year it was Harley Davidson now is Fiserv.

Bucks President Peter Feigin and Senior Vice President Matt Parazas officially and their moment of relief and celebration on Thursday July 26th when the agreement was official signed after the months of build up and stress experienced while busting butt to get this dang deal worked out with a partner.  Apparently the Bucks demanding price was just too much and for too many years but they stuck to their guns and reiterated the vision to all of their potential agreement partners and finally Fiserv came through and the Bucks knew they were the perfect choice.  It didn't happen right away though as there was a ton of negotiation talks that had built up and had been hashed out before they finally came to an agreement.  Hey that's business right?  I'm just glad the Bucks got the deal that they wanted, with the partner that they wanted,  and now us Bucks fans can relax!  This is a major moment for the city of Milwaukee and the last thing we want the Bucks to do is fuck it up!  Thank the heavens they didn't...


BUZZ REPORT quick points

  • Fiserv Forum is the official name of the Bucks new state of the art home court basketball venue.

  • Fiserv Financial is a financial business technology company locally stationed right near Milwaukee in Brookfield.

  • The Bucks new forum is only 1 of 2 NBA venues named a forum currently (the other is Fedex Forum where the Memphis Grizzlies play).

  • Fiserv Forum is kind of awkward to say at first but it actually is kind of catchy once you get used to it and certainly unique so Bucks fans just need to be patient!

  • It will be very interesting to see how Bucks fans refer to the new venue whether it be
    "the Forum", "the "Fiserv", or even "Fiserv Forum"?

  • Fiserv Inc. was very motivated to make this deal with the Bucks because their brand is dorky and now they think they're cool now because they own an NBA basketball team's venue naming rights? Yeah I guess that's pretty cool!

  • The Milwaukee Bucks should have considered giving the naming rights to Bucks On Fire so they could call the new facility "Bucks On Fire Forum"! How rad would that be!?

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Opening day of the Bucks new...  Wait for it... FORUM!!!!  Real Fiserv with it...  Back to what I was saying here...  Opening day of the Bucks new forum for the brand new season is just around the corner baby.  There is going to be a whole spree of concerts kicking things off in August and the first game of the season is late October.  Where almost there folks!  It's going to be an epic season full of excitement for Bucks fans this year and guess what?  It's all happening at the FISERV FORUM BABY!  Go Bucks!  Bucks in the finals, Bucks in 6!