BUCKS BUZZ REPORT: "The 2018 Bucks Dancers Are Bringing The Heat & Bringing The Style With Less Skimp & More Class That Will Make You Smile"



The Milwaukee Bucks dance team is setting a new trend this season in the NBA and is ultimately going to make a statement of what the organization is all about going forward in their new home: Fiserv Forum.  The Bucks Dancers are sporting a new trendy look that will be family friendly but also “fashion forward” says the Bucks live entertainment consultant Petra Pope. In other words, the Milwaukee Bucks Dancers won’t be half naked anymore lol.  Ok slight exaggeration but you know what I mean… NBA dance teams barely wear any clothing anymore and Milwaukee’s dance team has followed this trend just like any other NBA dance squad up until now.


“Bucks In The Finals Bucks In 6” - Composed By TIGER.

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Petra Pope, a former NBA dancer with 35 years of experience in the NBA believes, "Teams have gotten way too 'out there.”  I agree, even though I have never really thought about it before or even cared until now as Petra makes phenomenal points in this featured article written by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Petra talks about the Bucks dance team getting away from the skimpy outfits and moving towards a newer more classy look that is “athletic” and will have the girls more covered up.

Let’s face it, most dudes that go to an NBA game have no problem with hot babes dancin’ and prancin’ around in skimpy outfits lol.  I’m just going to put that out there because it’s the truth and I know I am accurate here. However, the bottom line is that Petra is right, it’s gone to far.  On top of that, this isn’t LA, this is MILWAUKEE. The entertainment should be catered to the home state itself. It’s a “family-centric” sport she says and really we’re a “family-centric” state.  The brand new Fiserv Forum is going to be packed with families this season and it’s a really big deal for the Buck’s organization to hit the reset button on the live entertainment.

I personally am all-in on the Milwaukee Bucks franchise changing directions and making “class” be the dominant priority.  Their new building is so freaking classy and I think everything the Bucks do from here on should follow suite. Separate yourself from the pack and out-class every team in the NBA.  The fans will grow to love it and it’s a brilliant blueprint going forward!

Beyond what Petra thinks, I’m pretty sure the actual Bucks Dancers are in favor of this change in attire as well. Here is what 5th year veteran Bucks Dancer Quintasia Carr said recently at a "pre-audition” camp when asked about the new Bucks Dancer outies, "We're going to be more covered up and that's going to give me more of a chance to focus on my dancing.” She also added, "This also will give the fans an appreciation of what we do and how hard we work." Agreed completely. It really comes to one question. What is it all about? Exposing half naked girls (more like 75% naked) on the dance floor of NBA arenas in my opinion is actually very distracting. You are there to watch the game and be entertained, not pop a boner every time these sexy woman spring onto the floor! Even worse is this… Are the young boys at these professional sports outings the one’s popping the boners!? MINI BONERS!!!!!! Ruh roh!!! Do Bucks fan mother's really want to be thinking about this when they are at sports games with their sons? Ummmm…NOOOOO!!!! That’s a completely fair and legitimate question regardless of how awkward it is to ask it. Questions on FIRE…that’s how I roll. :) Covering up these babes makes a lot of sense and Bucks families will appreciate it tremendously going forward.

Petra Pope in a video I have featured below talks about being more clothed and not needing to show so much skin is actually even more sexy. It really is, no doubt Petra. You go girl. That’s a 3pt shot and…SHE SCORES!!!!!! To Quintasia’s point it makes the focal point centered around these young women’s dancing and not (to be blunt) their boobs and butts. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? THE DANCING!!! DUH!!! On top of that, the more skimpy the clothing is the less clothing they are wearing obviously but it also limits the clothing designers of creativity. I mean there is only so much you can do with a pair of panties right? That’s pretty much what some of these NBA dance teams are sporting these days. If NBA dancers are wearing more clothing it just means that the design team can do so much more with the outfits and really set new fashion trends which is exactly the goal the Bucks have made clear going forward. Good for them!

In conclusion the Bucks Dancers will still be dancin’ and prancin’ around like normal but fortunately for the fans themselves they will be more covered up and look even MORE DOPE doing it!  GO BUCKS DANCERS! GO PETRA! GO BUCKS!

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BUZZ REPORT quick points

  • The Bucks Dancers are doing it more covered up style starting the 2018 season.

  • Petra Pope is a new live entertainment consultant for the Milwaukee Bucks with 35 years of NBA experience (former NBA dancer as well!).

  • The Bucks dancers will be showing off they’re mad dance skills exclusively vs. their cleavage exclusively.

  • The Bucks live entertainment is moving towards being “welcoming to everyone”.

  • The Milwaukee Bucks Dancers are setting a new trend towards being class forward and fashion forward.

  • The Bucks Dancers are looking forward to the change of dance attire (at least long time vet Quintasia Carr is!).


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When an organization launches a new venue, there could not be a better time to hit the reset button and re-evaluate everything that you are doing. That is clearly what the Milwaukee Bucks are doing and especially pertaining to the Dance department. All news floating around the web tells us right now that the Bucks are amping up their Live Entertainment department BIG TIME going forward. Changing the dress code for the dancers I think is a really classy and real smart move by the Bucks. I can’t wait to see the new and improved live entertainment next October! Or maybe I’ll be apart of it? That’s right!

I recently sent in a formal digital audition presentation to the Milwaukee Bucks live entertainment, auditioning to be the “IN-GAME BUCKET DRUMMER!!!!” Don’t get confused now, they currently don’t have one obviously...duh. NO NBA TEAM does in fact. TIGER would be the first “in-game bucket drummer” ever in the NBA as far as I am aware of. There is no verdict yet but there is still time for the Bucks to consider my audition presentation so who knows…maybe you’ll see TIGER bucketing beats for these little rascals dancin’ and prancin’ around this season! I’ll keep you updated!







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