TIGER Official Draft Pick Review: Buck's 1st Round Pick Donte DiVinchenzo


Draft pick overview

So the Milwaukee Bucks didn't exactly overwhelm their fan base with excitement by selecting Donte DiVincenzo with the 17th overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft.  However, at the end of the day the SG from Villanova may actually turn out to be a great fit with the Bucks and may be able to contribute right away just as Malcolm Brogdon did his rookie year!  Read the full analysis below.




Player Name: Donte DiVinchenzo

Position: Shooting Guard

Age: 21

College: Villanova

Year: Junior



Round:  1st Round | Pick: 17th Overall



To be honest with you, I was not satisfied with this pick at all after it was made and have had to dig deep to be optimistic about the Bucks selecting Donte DiVincenzo.  There were way more obvious picks on the board presented much higher ceilings and actually have player comparisons that you really want to model after.  Based on all of the analysis I've done and expert opinions I've accumulated I'm optimistic Donte can contribute and possibly right away.  But his upside is most likely has a decent 6th man?

When the Bucks are at a major disadvantage against the league over the next few years I was really hoping they'd swing for the fences with our only pick this draft and draft a prospect has really high upside.  I can make a case that Donte DiVincenzo has some upside and especially because his game actually translates pretty well as a role player but don't get your hopes up to high because it's pretty obvious the Bucks went with the safe route.  In fact I'm not sure that you can even call it that.  This looks potentially like another DJ Wilson style pick but to be fair there is no doubt that DiVincenzo is a way better and much more polished player coming out of college than Wilson it's not all bad.  This could end up being a solid pick but it's definitely not exciting.



Sexy picks don't always translate and Donte may have a high enough floor to make an immediate impact.

Sometimes fit over can pay dividends DiVincenzo definitely fits that bill with the Bucks.

Donte had a really strong NBA combine and showed of great athleticism so why shouldn't we be more excited?

Versatility is so valuable and coveted in the current NBA and Donte definitely posses that even if we're not all completely convinced quite yet.

His senior year PER 40 shooting stats are actually very impressive highlighting a 40.1% three point shooting percentage on 7.2 attempts per game and an overall 48.1% on field goal percentage on 13.4 attempts a game.

Donte also posted 6.5 rebounds, 4.8 assists, and 1.4 steals PER 40 his senior showing he can contribute in a lot of ways


Donte only has a two year sample size and most likely would have fell way back in the middle of the second round if he hadn't played so well in the NCAA tournament before and won the MOP award.

The pure fact that he never became a full starter regardless of the fact that he did average starter minute.

There isn't anything really convincing that suggest Donte is actually a really good defender except for a general narrative that he is but mostly inflated by some highlight plays.

Donte definitely fits he mold of a 1 position and 2 position tween potentially being to small for most SG's and not quick enough to guard PG's.

Has lots of highlight flashes emphasizing his versatility but nothing convincing enough that this versatility will really translate heavily in the NBA.

When college studs don't live up to their hype they become a 6th man so what does a college stud 6th man become in the NBA if he doesn't pan out?




At best maybe a fringe starter getting starts at the 2 guard slot but ultimately coming off the bench as a useful if not effective 6th man and instant offense type mold.

A solid defender potentially being a very good help defender and decent on ball defender.

A lethal shooter and able to create for himself and other teammates fairly effectively in a reduced role.

A great presence in the locker room and ultimately a solid team contributing role player who can compliment a superstar (like Giannis) with his general versatility and balanced skill set

A solid chance of getting a 2nd long term contract in the NBA if he is able to maximize is strengths within a well defined role


Will last through his 1st contract most likely and at least make an impact with the Bucks as a rotational player.

Can probably sustain a job in the NBA as at least a 9th man in a bench rotation for most teams.

Looks like he'll at least be an effective and above average shooter if not just an overall scorer.

A mediocre defender but good enough not to be a complete liability because his offensive game makes up for it.

An overall fringe plus player by ESPN real/plus minus metrics.




Regardless of the desired upside I think all Bucks fans were hoping for with this year's draft pick Donte DiVincenzo still has upside from a team fit perspective.  He's not a game changing talent and there is a lot to be desired overall from this pick but Donte does actually fit really well with the Bucks and could be better than expected being coached under Mike Budenholzer.  He fits the bill as having the potential to be a solid two way player and potentially very effective on offense.  His athletic traits fit pretty well with the Bucks DNA even though he doesn't have height and length.  Overall I like his potential to be a very constant and big shot making 3pt shooter with the Bucks and I think his versatility is intriguing.  His high character is a big plus too.  If can pan out to be a solid defender then I think his fit with the Bucks will work out great. 


I think the fit with the Bucks won't be an issue but the Bucks went way to conservative here and got hooked by the hype Donte created in the NCAA tournament championship hype.  This guy was basically nothing before the tournament and maybe wouldn't even gotten drafted!

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Overall, I think Donte DiVincenzo has the potential to be an impact player with the Bucks similarly to Malcom Brogdon his rookie year.  He seems like a pretty polished basketball player with a good IQ that can overcome the lack of projected upside due to his unconvincing college career sample size and physical tools.  The fact that his skill set translates great with what you want at the SG position currently in the NBA is a huge plus but overall but his pure individual talent leaves plenty to be desired.  I think Donte will be a nice piece for the Bucks and absolutely challenge for minutes with the Bucks right away but I don't expect this pick to be a game changer.  If he can cement a role for many years to come however, he could be very valuable to the Bucks probably pretty cheap going forward too!  I don't love this pick but I can live with it as we're seeing the better teams in the NBA build around team chemistry over just pure individual talent and having more success than teams with sexier roster talent (2017 Bucks!) on paper.  Donte DiVincenzo is not a sexy pick but it could be an effective one.