TIGER's NBA Draft Prospect Profile On Milwaukee Bucks 1st Round Pick Donte Divinchenzo


GENERAL introduction

Is Donte DiVincenzo a legitimate NBA prospect or just a NCAA tournament flash in the pan?  The Villanova Shooting Guard superhero surprised the NBA by deciding to declare for the NBA draft earlier then expected.  Most NBA scouts and analysts think the decision was made too early.  However,  after crushing the Michigan Wolverines in the NCAA tournament championship and winning the MOP award, DiVincenzo's draft stock shot through the roof.!  Regardless of what the experts think, this was no doubt the best move for Donte to make since his draft stock may potentially hit it's absolute peak.  With that said, read below to get TIGER's prospect profile break down on Donte DiVinchenzo!




Donte DiVincenzo may have been the most subjective prospect in the 2018 NBA draft.  Donte was mostly just a JAG (just another guy) on a talent loaded Villanova basketball team and then the NCAA tourny came along and Donte went beast mode.  DiVincenzo is actually a very unique prospect in fact.  When his projected NBA ceiling may be riddled with questions he projects to potentially have a solid floor and be a decent role player and maybe a very solid contributor in a system that maximizes his strengths.

The SG tournament wonder from Villanova actually has a very NBA ready skill set as a fairly versatile two-way player.  Donte is touted as an above average shooter, solid play maker, good defender, clutch on the big stage, and surprisingly athletic.  Donte had a phenomenal NBA combine performance and shocked draft scouts.  The white Michael Jordan from Delaware tied for the best max vertical leap of 42 inches and overall tested really when every where else.  Even though DiVincenzo tests very well in overall strength and agility he's undersized and with a short wingspan.  Also, the dude wasn't even a regular starter during his college career.

Overall, Donte DiVincenzo looks to be one of the biggest red flags coming into the NBA this season as his college career sample size is more in line with prospects who bust in the NBA.  Donte just college success is completely distorted with questions about whether his success in college is actually translatable to the NBA.  With that said, his intangibles, character, sneaky athleticism, and a modern day NBA role player skill set, Donte DiVincenzo just may surprise the NBA just like he did in the NCAA tournament, and just like he did at the NBA combine!

general bio

Position: Shooting Guard

Age: 21

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

High School: Salesianum School

College: Villanova

Year: Junior





Height: 6' 4.5'' (With shoes)

Weight: 200.6 lb

Wingspan: 6' 6''

Standing Reach: 8' 1.5''

Body Fat %: 5.00%


Lane Agility: 10.72 (Seconds) (5th)

Shuttle Run: 3.12 (Seconds) (14th)

Three Quarter Sprint: 3.11 (Seconds) (10th)

Standing Vertical Leap: 34.5 (Inches) (1st)

Max Vertical Leap: 42.0 (Inches) (1st)

Max Bench Presses: 12 (Reps) (5th)

NBA comparisons

Tyler Johnson

Antonio Daniels

Matthew Dellavadova

Klay Thompson (ish)


Three & D' combo guard

Instant scorer off the bench

Potentially good defender

A versatile offensive contributor




Good college perimeter shooter who can make big shots on the big stage.

Overall great strength & athleticism that could translate nicely in the NBA.

Has a decent floor or as a decent rotation player of the bench.

Fits really well with modern day ball movement offenses.

Versatile on offense as a good scorer, solid play maker, and decent rebounder.

Has great character attributes and has shown big time clutch ability on the big stage. 


Undersized for his position with really short wingspan.

Shooting resume in college is hard to trust but even though he has the shooting upside.

He's really old at 21 years of age which really limits his ceiling.

Could get mulled on defense at the 2 but probably not fast enough to keep up with 1's.

Unclear whether DiVincenzo actually has a whole lot of defensive upside.

Was never a regular starter in college.




College Per Game Stats









College Advanced stats



tiger's final take

Donte DiVincenzo is a very interesting NBA prospect because his name recognition exploded onto the scene in this last season's NCAA tournament even though he was basically not recognized at all before then.  Donte actually may have some sneaky upside as a prospect even though most analysts question it.  His floor may be high enough to help an NBA team in his first few years in the NBA.  It's system or bust though for Donte to be completely straight forward.  Donte has the potential to be a potentially effective complimentary player in a system that focuses on maximizing it's role players around it's star player(s).  DiVincenzo does have the potential to be a somewhat versatile 3 and D combo guard, however, he has quite a few red flags that could very easily negate the minimal projected upside he has.  With a very well defined role Donte could be a very effective and gritty player who potentially shows up a little better in advanced metrics than he would through basic stats.  At the end of the day, Donte may ultimately fit the mold more of a team contributing winning player in the NBA than a seriously talented prospect.  The reality though is that those are the players you want on your team anyway even if it's not sexy.  Donte DiVincenzo may not be a sexy pick but don't be surprised if he does in fact surprise us all!  He's done it before!