BUCKS FREE AGENCY REPORT: Bucks Sign Undrafted 1 & Done Dukey Trevon Duval PG Two-Way Contract


What's the FREE AGENT SIGNING tiger?

The Bucks snuck their way past the rest of the NBA and signed undrafted Duke PG Trevon Duval to a two-way contract where he will most likely start his NBA career playing for the Bucks G-League team Wisconsin Herd.  This is actually a very intriguing signing full of upside and little cost and risk.  If you have read my previous Bucks Free Angency Reports this summer you'll find that I am very pleased with the Bucks crafty signings thus far as they seem to be getting pretty smart by spending the little salary space they have right now on cost effective players who are either underpriced, underrated, or hold potential unrealized yet.  This deal is no different.  Duval is very raw, unpolished, and is a horrific shooter, but overall loaded with potential and he fell right into the Bucks laps!  All it took was a two-way deal and now we can take our time and try to develop him as much as possible.  Doesn't this kind of deal represent the core purpose of what your development team is all about?  Absolutely!  Let's dissect...




Ok so a little background on Trevon Duval is needed here.  Trevon made history this off season by becoming the first ever one year and done basketball player from Duke in school history.  He was touted as the #1 PG recruit out of high school at one point and was a McDonald's All American.  Trevon didn't blow up at Duke in is one and only season debut but actually he wasn't that bad.  Duke's offensive philosophy was to pound it down low to their stud big men and kick it outside to their shooters when the lane was clogged.  And that is exactly why Duval didn't excel with Duke because shooting is his biggest weakness by far.  Also Duke was loaded last season and it wasn't a priority to revolve their schemes around Duval by any means.  Regardless Duval declared for the draft probably hoping to at least get drafted in the second round even though every NBA team passed clearly believing that he's not even close to being NBA ready and also is playing style does not fit the current NBA right now.  Also, Duke apparently has received commitments from high school studs from last season so Trevon was probably motivated to move on from the Duke as quickly as possible so he doesn't get burried in the lineup next season.

So why is this pickup even remotely exciting when it turns out that on the surface level Trevon Duval by all means can be labeled as at least a border line college bust?  It's because he has elite athleticism and raw talent that can be developed and the Bucks ultimately got him for free when the rest of the NBA slept on him post draft.  For the record, Trevon Duval absolutely destroyed this year's NBA combine.

Click On The Screen Shot Below & Be Mesmerized By Trevons Duval's Remarkable Athleticism!

As you can see Trevon has an elite athletic PG profile in terms of pure athleticism.  The only drawbacks are that he's slightly short at about 6'2.5" with shoes on (websites always use w/ shoes measurements) but that isn't a huge deal because he has a real solid wingspan of 6'8.25" which definitely makes up for it.  The bottom line though is that Duval is cat quick, has a pretty strong frame, leg explosion, and can burn defenders to the rim easily.  The fact that this kind of athleticism from a top high school PG prospect who was a started at Duke for a season didn't even get drafted is an absolute sin and a complete steal by the Bucks!  GO BUCKS (Bucks in the finals, Bucks in 6)!  Trevon has the physical tools to become an elite defender and a very versatile offensive player based on his physical measurables alone.  In fact, his best profile is Russel Westbrook if we want to throw out a lofty name.  With that said, no of course not did the Bucks draft the next Russel Westrbook but in terms of their physical profiles they sure have their similarities.

Now Take A Look At Russel Westbrook's NBA Combine Results.

Now if we are just comparing athleticism it turns out that Trevon Duval looks to actually be the superior athlete coming out of college believe or not.  Although it's clear the NBA wasn't testing athletes in 2008 with the foot quickness drill being the Shuttle Run but let's just put it this way...Trevon's score of 3.09 is phenomenal and a direct measurement of elite lateral agility which is key to being a great defender.  On top of that Duval smokes Westbrook when it comes to his jumping metrics.  Russel is clearly a faster sprinter which is why he is an elite transition player on the fast break in the NBA but Duval clearly has elite foot quickness and leg explosion and looks like he's an even better specimen then Russel was coming out.  Now Russel also was a lot stronger in the upper body but really upper body strength isn't extremely crucial at the PG position except for with rebounding which is why Westbrook is the best PG rebounder in the game by far.  Regardless Duval is an absolute monster athlete and could very well shock the NBA with his athleticism if he puts in the work and develops his game overall.

Now let's talk about his basketball skills.  Duval is a sick ball handler!  Yes!  It just keeps getting better lol!  The eye test will tell you that so watch the highlight videos further down the page.  There are no dribbling metrics available to us bloggers so it's just about watching film and Trevon clearly has ridiculous handles and can control his dribble so well when he is blazing to the rim.  He has tons of moves and tons of control.  On top of that he is an underrated playmaker as he does a good job of keep is head up and flashes good control with his passing and craftiness as well.  Duval's game relies on slashing to the rim and popping the ball out to open shooters and he's really good at it.  Especially driving to the rim.  He's basically unstoppable unless the lane is completely clogged.  He seems to have a good motor on offensive and seems completely dialed.  Now let's talk about his weakness.

Trevon Duval is a horrible shooter posting a 29% 3pt shooting percentage, 42% from the field, and shot 59% at the line in his only year at Duke.  His form on film is really awkward and inconsistent as well.  His slashing style is going out of fashion in the NBA and being able to spot up and make jumpers and hit 3 pointers is one of the highest PG priority skills for NBA teams these days.  Duval has a completely busted shot and is going to need the Bucks shooting coaches to drill him hard on fixing his shooting technique.  Also, it's hard to say if Duval is a real engaged defender or not since it's hard to see that on film available to us.  He has the physical tools but defense requires focus, motivation, hustle, and even just some natural instincts.  You have to be dialed in on defense naturally or at least train to be dialed in and I'm guessing Duval is much more of an offensive minded player first like Westbrook even though his superior defensive athleticism suggests he could be a better defender than Westbrook.  Trevon is raw and his game doesn't translate like it used to into the NBA.  However, he is versatile and has a ridiculously high ceiling because of his athleticism and if he can at least develop a respectable jumper than he could realistically reach that potential.  I won't question his work ethic because I really have no idea.  I'm guessing though because he was a prestigious prospect at one point and now his path to the NBA has taken a huge turn you would imagine he'd be very motivated. 



free agent signing BENEFITS

  • Trevon Duval has elite phsyical PG tools to work with an develop.
  • Has versatility and appears to have a two-way game.
  • Looks to have good defensive instincts regardless of playing a zone defense at Duke even though he was not given enough of an opportunity show is on-ball and overall defensive skills.
  • Is cat quick with elite lateral agility with ridiculous leg explosion.
  • Duval is an underrated passer and overall play maker and has the potential to be an exceptional creator.
  • Duval was an elite slasher in college and can get to the rim and finish at will.
  • Phenomenal ball handler with and advanced dribbling moves and can control is dribbling going full speed to the rim.
  • Creates gravity as a slasher because he is so lethal going to the rim.
  • Is good at kicking it out to shooters on his way to the rim even though he still looks to get his own first.
  • The Bucks got Duval basically for nothing and have the opportunity to take their time developing him on the Herd and the Bucks rosters on his two-way deal.
  • Duval good be a lethal 6th man in the NBA if he polishes his game and has the potential to be a great starting PG if he can become a solid shooter.





College career per game average stats



College career per 40 game stats



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College career advanced game stats






I gotta admit I'm really excited to see the Bucks scoop this guy up.  At the end of the whole point of your G League team is to develop talent in hopes that they can contribute on your actual NBA team so obtaining as many high ceiling flyers should theoretically be the biggest priority in hopes that you can develop them and hit a home run.  That's what Duval is, a complete wild card with a ceiling that could turn him into an undrafted gem.  The dude needs a lot of skill development but with an elite athletic profile that he has you can't ignore him and if he works hard and develops he could be special.  I would have given this deal an A+ if it weren't for a couple key factors.  Duval's game doesn't translate real well in the NBA and models a playing style that fits the mold of many overrated players currently in the NBA.  Without a jumper you just have a really hard time fitting on any NBA team currently.  It's a shooting league now and this guy just plain can't shoot.  If Trevon Duval is only a one-dimensional slasher and inconsistent defender well his chances of playing on the Bucks or any NBA team are very small.  However, if he can improve his jumper and show that he is a legitimate versatile two-way player than he could be an absolute steal and possibly a very good starting PG.




When this deal first went down I wasn't jacked about it but I wasn't upset either.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with bringing Ersan back to deer land after fully dissecting the deal because he fits so well with the roster right now and the fan base already loves him.  If this deal was $21M guaranteed for 3 years I'd be pissed though.  The Bucks have a lot of salary coming off the books in two years and it's really important that it does because the Bucks are going to have to sign another superstar in free agency at some point here if they are going to be able to keep up with the top teams in the league right now.  The draft is not going to help the Bucks much over the next couple of seasons here since we're likely drafting in the 20-30 pick range going forward since we're probably a safe lock to make the playoffs yearly going forward for a while now.  Two years of Ersan guaranteed definitely makes the Bucks better and most likely will not hurt them.  This isn't an amazing signing but overall it actually make a lot sense and I'm fairly pleased with it!