BUCKS FREE AGENCY REPORT: Paul Gasol Signs With The Bucks For A 1 Year Veteran Minimum Contract


What's the FREE AGENT SIGNING tiger?

The Milwaukee Bucks have made a late addition to their roster late into the buyout market as the Spurs decided to move on from Pau Gasol and immediately the Bucks scoped him up on a 1 year minimum deal. Horst does it again with just another smart and savvy move as Gasol would definitely not have lasted long on the market as reports about him signing with Bucks happened within literally only about an hour or less after being bought out by the Spurs. If anything, Gasol most likely would have signed with the 76ers or Raptors so keeping Gasol from them is a win in itself. But let’s not kid ourselves thinking that Paul Gasol is going to be or would be (with any team) some major addition firepower here as Gasol has been pretty irrelevant most of the season and has struggled with injuries as well. With that said, once again, like all the other players Horst keeps bring in Gasol just fits in perfectly and I will argue he still has quite a bit left in the tank and his experience will have a major impact on this Bucks team in the postseason!




Below are all of the details on this free agent signing referenced from: www.spotract.com.


Contract: 1 year / $527,467

Average Salary: $527,467

Signed Using: Veteran Minimum

Free Agent: 2019 UFA


Contract Notes: Agreed to buyout with the San Antonio Spurs - Original contract was $22,700,000 (2018 $16.8 million, 2019 $6.7 million), gave back $2.5 million (reduced 2018 by $875k, 2019 by $1.625 million).




So let’s start out by pointing that statistically, Pau Gasol is probably better than you think he is right now. The Bucks just signed this guy to a minimum contract and he is current ranked 30th in RPM and 15th in DRPM for all NBA centers. Granted this guy hasn’t played a lot of minutes this season but considering his salary and what his role is going to be on the Bucks this is already setting the tone nicely! Now is basic per game stats are not real impressive unless you look at his per 36 stats to compare. This is where it gets interesting…

To highlight, Gasol would be averaging 13.9 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and just over 12 points a game with the Spurs. Now these would be career high rebound and assist averages for Gasol which is why we can’t buy too much into this. However, the whole point of per 36 is to see how efficient a player would be “potentially”, if he averaged 36 minutes a game which very standard for most quality starters in the league. Even his per 36 shooting %’s are solid even though it’s all low volume shit (I have his per 36 stat chart embedded below - scroll down). The bottom line is this, where per 36 is really telling is when it show shows really inflated stats even if the the player plays low volume minutes. When volume goes down efficiency can easily go up and visa versa. So my conclusion here is that even though Pau is really old now (just look at his face!), there is no doubt he is still an extremely high IQ player and technically sound as well and I see him giving the Bucks really efficient minutes in a small rotation role. Is shere presences will make a difference on the basketball court as you could clearly see in his first few minutes as a Buck against the Suns. His passing was great and his presence was definitely felt by his teammates. As a player, I think he will be productive the rest of the season and if anything I can see his shooting stats going up because the Bucks offensive system generally speaking inflates everyone’s stats (not necessarily % alone but % combined with increased volume yes).

Now the truth is we really won’t need Gasol on the floor a whole hell of a lot but I’m telling you he hasn’t lost it yet. He is still a more than capable basketball player and I won’t be surprised if he is actually very productive the remainder of the season and especially in the post season. With that said, these things called “experience” and “leadership” cannot be overlooked. We might as well call Pau Grandpa Gasol because he literally looks like one compared to the rest of the Bucks! This guy is going to have a massive impact in the locker room. He has posted a very long 19 year career and has had an incredible legacy with Lakers winning 2 championships as well. Gasol is going to command his voice in the locker room and even on the court immediately and the Bucks could really use this! This Bucks team has everything right now except for an experienced veteran leader with championship experience…now they have that too. Gasol will be the guy who will reel everyone in when the moment calls for it and if you are going to win a championship you need at least one guy like this. The Bucks have that guy now. It’s Pau Gasol.

Beyond that, it’s going to be really interesting to see what kind of lineups coach Bud rolls out now that he has all of these stretch shooting bigs. It’s very unusual to have this many big dudes who can hit threes, stretch the floor, rebound, rim protect, and play good defense! We are already seeing Bud roll out jumbo lineups now. Will Gasol join some of these? I think we’ll see that he will. He’s definitely a better passer and play maker than Ersan, Brook, or Nikola. This could be a potent playoff death lineup of some sort whether you use it at the end of the game or just mix it in spurts and really the Bucks have a lot of bigs you can interchange in this jumbo lineup concept going forward. I’d really like to see Gasol get his opportunities in this lineup and I think it’s coming!



free agent signing BENEFITS

  • Pau Gasol has a shiste ton of playoff and finals experience.

  • He’s a very cerebral high IQ player which will benefit the Bucks tremendously in the playoffs.

  • Pau can still play and his skills and physique fit great with the Bucks as an end of the bench role player.

  • Gasol may actually be better than expected as his game is definitely more mental now than it is physical but this is actually a good thing.

  • The dude is a really good pass who has good post skills, rebounding skills, and can stretch fairly well like our other bigs on the roster.



free agent signing DRAWBACKS

  • Gasol may have to show that he can at least hit wide open corner threes fairly consistently otherwise he may get berried on the bench.

  • Pau is no spring chicken that’s for sure so hopefully his lack of athleticism these days doesn’t hurt him more than I think it will.

  • It’s actually hard to come up with drawbacks for Gasol because their just aren’t knowing he’s a veteran minimum guy who is loaded with experience and will clearly impact the team more with that than his play on the court however, the Bucks are the deepest team in the league right now so maybe the biggest drawback here is that it just may be hard for coach Bud to give him minutes over these younger productive guys even if Gasol is playing well!







(Referenced FROM www.espn.com)



-2.01 / Rank 44


2.57 / Rank 15


0.56 / Rank 30


0.73 / Rank 46




career per game average stats



career per 36 game stats



career per 100 possessions game stats



career advanced game stats




Really the projection here is pretty straight forward here. Pau Gasol will impact the Bucks locker room in ways we will never know. However, I do believe he will have a sneaky impact on the floor as well and I will not be surprised if he gets 10-15 minutes in games here and there. Gasol still has some game and he’s not going to be asked to do a lot. I can already see he still has great court vision and I can see him facilitating at a high level the rest of the season which would be a huge plus. In fact, if this works, maybe there is a real good chance Gasol signs with the Bucks for another 1 year term on a minimum deal? I can actually really see this happening and I think it would be a safe projection knowing the end of your roster changes from year to year so often. Gasol has the physique and skill set to fit in really well with this team and his experience will pay dividends in the post season (especially if we make it to the finals!). It would make sense to keep him around another year if he has a big impact the remainder of the season and it won’t surprise me to see Gasol with the Bucks again next season.




This signing is an A+ all the way. It’s easy to draft veteran minimum guys to fill out your roster and get nothing out of them. In this case though, there is a very good chance Gasol actually might be fairly productive on the floor and he surely will be hugely impactfull as a vocal leader on this team. The Bucks of more than enough players and talent to win the whole damn thing this year and upset the Warriors. However, these veteran NBA legends who come in late in the season can make all the difference in the critical moments that decide it all. It’s an end season gig and there is literally zero risk bringing him on board. Gasol will be a locker room favorite instantly and he may even show he’s still got some game! Another great signing for Horst.




John Horst for executive of the year! Seriously, he’s killing it. He hasn’t made a mistake all season long. This Bucks team just cannot be ignored going forward. They have every ingredient they need to upset the Warriors as they continue to keep stumbling and grumbling. Adding a guy like Gasol may be the only key ingredient they didn’t have that they will absolutely need in the finals if they plow themselves all the way there. I’m really excited to see Pau in a Bucks outy and especially since him and Mirotic were both teammates on the Bulls. The Bucks have added some good story lines and it just makes the season even more exciting! GO BUCKS! BUCKS IN THE FINALS! BUCKS IN 6!