BUCKS POST GAME REPORT: Boston Celtics Vs. Milwaukee Bucks - Game 1 NBA Postseason Conference Semifinals (04/28/19)



Of course the Milwaukee Bucks were going to avalanche the Boston Celtics in game 2 of this semi-finals series matchup. Duh! We all knew that right? LoL. Ummmm…no, actually many were convinced that Boston might just run away with the series after their game 1 upset. But then the team that is (a juggernaut) who so many NBA analysts just have refused to believe throughout the regular season…came back to life in game 2! Really, once the we hit the 2nd half the Bucks just asserted their dominance on the Celtics, countered their tactics, and just went absolutely berserk. The Celtics just completely fell apart and literally nothing that they were doing worked. Let’s go deeper with it…

Final Score = Bucks 123 (W) Vs. Celtics 102 (L)



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Alright so everything I said in my pregame report for game 2 was spot on. It took the Bucks a minute to finally fully exploit a major opportunity against the Celtics but they finally did it in the 2nd half! That’s right, they napalmed them from the perimeter! Shooters, shot and the Bucks were just making everything. Wide open three’s all day. Everyone was kicking out to open shooters on the corners or just pulling up early in the shot clock and shooting fearlessly. If the Celtics were going to load up in the box and take away the rim we all know that the Bucks can beat you from the perimeter. They’ve done it all season!

The Bucks completely shut down the Celtics in the 3rd quarter out scoring them 39 to 18. The defense really came alive but once again it’s the Bucks offense that just finally figured out the Celtics game plan and started executing the X’s and O’s brilliantly. One thing we have to make sure that we don’t overlook is the fact that certain Bucks just really stepped up and had huge games! Specifically Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton were just phenomenal. Middleton was unstoppable offensively and shot lights out where Bledsoe also had a great offensive performance but brought his defensive game back to the level we’ve gotten accustom too! Oh and there is one other guy who made a huge difference in this game and after completely melting down in game 1 and that is my guy Scraps Connaughton. Scraps didn’t light up the stat sheet by any means but he did eat up rebounds finish with 11 total boards and just did what scraps does…be scrappy! Patrick Connaughton…”you aren’t the tile, you’re the dirt” (signature quote of my good friend Jerrod Sapp - diehard Scraps fan!).







Ok so I’m going to cheat and give the Bucks a triple A plus lol. That’s not a thing but for the moment, it should be. At least for this performance it is. This blowout win was not expected at all from the Bucks but maybe we should have expected it? This is a damn good basketball team and the Bucks just keep proving the NBA wrong and keep taking care of business. This win was huge and how they did it is more important. It completely neutralized the tone of the series and if anything the Bucks probably have the psychological advantage back again. Game 3 is going to be the statement game of the series for both teams. We’ll see which coach can out chess each other once again and will see which team actually does have the psychological advantage!




The Bucks will not be denied. For many years you couldn’t trust the Bucks. Now you can! It’s the Celtics who you shouldn’t trust! Yes they are a difficult matchup but really they just have been inconsistent all year and have self destructed on too many occasions. Not the Bucks though! Game 1 was more so a fluke than a telling of who the Bucks are. They are a juggernaut. That’s who they are. I’m pretty damn sure they are going to prove it again in game 3!