BUCKS POST GAME REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks @ Phoenix Suns 04/05/19



Ok so wow! I feel dumb. If you read my pre-game report well I basically thought there was no chance the Bucks would lose this game and in fact…I predicted a 25 point blowout! That definitely did not happen. Of course I should have assumed the Suns who were already 1-1 against the Bucks (I messed that up in my pre-game report as I thought the Bucks were undefeated against the Suns - sorry!) and the worse team in the league that just recently loss 17 games in a row would thoroughly beat the best team in the NBA who has dominated the league this far. I really have no idea what I was think clearly. On top of that the Suns had the opportunity to become the only team in the NBA to beat the Bucks twice thus far and also give them their only second loss in a row. This is pretty hilarious if you ask me. Of course all this had to come from the worse team in the league lol. I guess it kind of makes sense though as the Bucks have been a little bit bruised in the last week or so and really it was about time a team caught them off guard. Sometimes the bottom feeders are the best culprits to pull these kind of tasks off. Congratulations Pheonix, you still suck.

Final Score = Bucks 104 (L) @ Suns 115 (W)




I gotta admit, I’m not fueled up for this post game analysis lol. There isn’t a whole lot to talk about outside of that fact that the Bucks just didn’t play good basketball tonight. Give the Suns credit for playing good basketball against the top team in the league but in terms of how this game affects the future for the Bucks? It doesn’t at all what so ever. The Bucks had a really bad shooting night and their offensive and defensive efficiency was putrid. I watched the 1st half…won’t be watching the second half! Ha! There’s no point. The Bucks are at the level now that they’ve earned the right to blow these games off a little bit. This Bucks roster however, does take every game seriously which is a phenomenal team attribute but at the end of the day when you are an elite and are dominating the league like you have these are the moments you gotta just smirk and laugh a little bit.

Eric Bledsoe made a spot on point in his post-game interview, "We can't win every game.” He also said, “You can't win every game. It's basketball at the end of the day. We got to move on and go to the next one." I can’t agree with all of this enough. Who cares. In fact I think I would rather have this come from a meaningless opponent (maybe the most meaningless opponent in fact). The Golden State Warriors are 6-4 in their last 10 games. How many fans or analysts really seemed worried. The answer is: not many. The Warriors are a perfect example of a team who has inherited a level of status where no matter what goes wrong, the rest of the NBA world is convinced nothing is wrong (even if there actually is something wrong!). The point is that yeah most likely Golden State will take it to another level in the post season as history suggests this even if their regular season is flawed. This is fair.

With that said, as serious as this Bucks team is, there is value in taking certain situations more lightly otherwise you’re going to be too hard on yourselves all the time and over react to certain situations. You don’t want to now go on a losing spree now because you took this fluky loss more seriously than you should. Give the Suns credit but at the end of the day, you’re varsity and they are junior varsity. There really is that much of a difference between these teams. It doesn’t mean however that a far inferior team can’t get hot and catch you in the perfect situation. That is exactly what happened last night. The Bucks have earned the right to show some pride this season and shouldn’t feel obligated to get overly concerned about this win. Like Bledsoe said, you’re not going to win them all. Fortunately, the Bucks have won a ton of them this season! Just erase this one from your memories Bucks and go out and get the next. Shall we?






Matchup Team Stats

(Referenced By www.espn.com)


Milwaukee Bucks

FG Made = 35

FG Attempted = 95

FG% = 36.8

3P Made = 12

3PT Attempted = 42

3P% = 28.6

FT Made = 23

FT Attempted = 28

FT% = 74.2

Offensive Rebounds = 18

Defensive Rebounds = 39

Total Rebounds = 65

Assists = 17

Steals = 8

Blocks = 2

Turnovers = 15

Points Off Turnovers = 13

Persoanl Fouls = 25

Fast Break Points = 20

Paint Points = 44

phoenix suns

FG Made = 41

FG Attempted = 91

FG% = 45.1

3PT Made = 7

3PT Attempted = 22

3P% = 31.8

FT Made = 25

FT Attempted = 31

FT% = 80.6

Offensive Rebounds = 17

Defensive Rebounds = 39

Total Rebounds = 59

Assists = 22

Steals = 10

Block = 10

Turnovers = 14

Points Off Turnovers = 15

PF = 23

Fast Break Points = 14

Paint Points = 50



Matchup Advanced Metrics

(Referenced By www.nba.com)



Offensive Rating = 101.0

Defensive Rating = 111.7

Net Rating = -9.7

Assist % = 58.6

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.13

Assist Ratio = 11.8

Offensive Rebound % = 35.4

Defensive Rebound % = 69.6

Rebound % = 51.2

Turnover % = 14.4

Effective Field Goal % = 43.2

True Shooting % = 48.3

Pace = 103.50

Player Impact Estimate = 40.2

Phoenix Suns

Offensive Rating = 110.7

Deffensive Rating = 101.0

Net Rating = 9.7

Assist % = 53.7

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.57

Assist Ratio = 15.5

Offensive Rebound % = 30.4

Deffensive Rebound % = 64.6

Rebound % = 48.8

Turnover % = 13.6

Effective Field Goal % = 48.9

True Shooting % = 54.5

Pace = 103.50

Player Impact Estimate = 59.8



Matchup Shooting Stats

(Referenced By www.cleaningtheglass.com)




48% (FREQ)

55.5% (FG%)


7% (FREQ)

0.0% (FG%)


7% (FREQ)

16.7% (FG%)


13% (FREQ)

7.7% (FG%)


7% (FREQ)

14.3% (FG%)


32% (FREQ)

% (FG%)32.4


39% (FREQ)

29.3% (FG%)

Phoenix suns


35% (FREQ)

61.5% (FG%)


20% (FREQ)

45.0% (FG%)


23% (FREQ)

39.1% (FG%)


43% (FREQ)

41.9% (FG%)


9% (FREQ)

22.2% (FG%)


13% (FREQ)

38.5% (FG%)


22% (FREQ)

31.8% (FG%)



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So I am giving the Bucks an F+ not because they deserve better than an F but because I wanted to emphasize the F lol. Don’t get me wrong here. Like I said earlier, the Bucks just need to move on and forget about this one with maybe even a little chuckle on the side. However, this was still a TRASH game as the Suns have no business beating a team of this caliber…not to mention twice now! But hey good for them. When you lose as many games as they have but some how and some way find a way to play great basketball against a great team (the best team in the league in this case) well all the power to you! Now about all those other games you loss this season lol. Like Bledsoe said once again…you can’t win em’ all. In the Sun’s case, well they just never win so this can be your championship for the season. Enjoy the NBA lottery for the millionth time in a row…




Fortunately, regardless of this crazy fluky game, the Suns still suck and the Bucks are still awesome! However, the Bucks have a really tough match up against the Pacers this Thursday @ home and this is going to be one the biggest tests (if not the biggest test) of the season. This is the first 2 game losing streak of the season and some of our guys have some nagging injuries. Fortunately the Bucks have two days of rest and finally get to come back home after another road trip. I’ll admit, this is probably the most vulnerable the Bucks have been all season long even though I think that is a bit of an exaggeration still. I’d feel a lot better if our next game wasn’t against the Pacers who are sneaky good and play us really well but then again maybe this is a good thing playing a difficult opponent forcing the Bucks to re-focus mentally. For the sake of the team’s confidence finishing the regular season, this game is big. I’m really high on my Bucks the remainder of the regular season and going into the post season but assuming they blow through the first round of the playoffs, the rest of the ride is not going to be easy. The last thing we want right now is to see this Bucks team suddenly mentally collapse. Beating a really good team in front of the home fans is a really good way to ensure this won’t happen. GO BUCKS! BUCKS IN THE FINALS! BUCKS IN 6!