BUCKS POST GAME REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks @ Toronto Raptors 02/01/19



Well I missed on my overall prediction as I picked the Bucks by 21 and though they could potentially really blow this team out. The crazy thing though is that they were! The Bucks were crushing the Raptors in the second half and had it up to a 20 point lead or more if I recall correctly. The score doesn’t always reflect the actual story of the game as the Bucks thoroughly dominated the Raptors and even refused a final minutes comeback. The Raptors gave the Bucks a little bit of a scare at the end but once again the depth of this team strong as coach Bud chose to sit Giannis for significant time and the squad on the court still managed to come out and add to their lead right before the Freak returned. I had a really good feeling the Bucks would take care of business last night and they sure as hell did. The Raptors have received a lot more media hype than the Bucks this season but really the Bucks have proven they are in a tier of their own in the Eastern conference now and they have a major mental edge over the Raptors going forward in the post season. All hail the Bucks, they are without a doubt the king in the East officially!

Final Score = Bucks 105 (W) @ Opponent 92 (L)




Really this game came down to shooting as the Bucks were very impressive from the arc and from the field as well shooting 36.8% on 38 3PT attempts and 49.4% for FG%. The Raptors however had another miserable shooting night against the Bucks which they’ve done three out of four games now facing Milwaukee. The Raptors really could use another shooter or at least get more out of their capable shooters but really the Bucks just do such a great job of contesting shots despite giving up a ton of 3’s this season. You would think the Raptors would be able to exploit that but it just hasn’t happened.

It’s pretty obvious at this point that the Bucks have the Raptors’ number. They out execute them no doubt. On top of that we have the better superstar AND the better supporting cast not to mention way better team chemistry and team identity. Those last two things definitely get understated with this team but are two of the biggest reasons why the Bucks are so good this season! The Bucks have so many pieces that just fit and work around Giannis. The depth of this team is insane even though it doesn’t bring the flash and flare that rosters with more superstar driven and front loaded teams bring. A damn good roster can be built all kinds of ways. What the Bucks have done is just plain working! Not to mention arguably the best coaching performance of the season by Mike Bidenholzer.

Seriously, Budenholzer has rigged up some amazing starting schemes for the Buck’s roster this season. The offensive and defensive schemes work perfect for the players and ultimately that’s what a great coach does: build around your personnel! On top of that coach Bud has done an incredible job of making changes throughout the season and even in-game. Budenholzer is clearly out chessing his opponents this season. We Milwaukee Bucks fans can definitely get used to this…. Anyway so the Bucks dominate the season series against the Raptors this season and there is no doubt in my mind that if we face them in the post season (especially with home court advantage) it’s just going to be a dejavue for the Raptors. The Bucks are on another level. Seriously.









Matchup Team Stats

(Referenced By www.espn.com)


Milwaukee Bucks

FG Made = 39

FG Attempted = 79

FG% = 49.4

3P Made = 14

3PT Attempted = 38

3P% = 36.8

FT Made = 13

FT Attempted = 17

FT% = 76.5

Offensive Rebounds = 7

Defensive Rebounds = 43

Total Rebounds = 53

Assists = 21

Steals = 13

Blocks = 6

Turnovers = 20

Points Off Turnovers = 21

Persoanl Fouls = 16

Fast Break Points = 12

Paint Points = 36

Toronto Raptors

FG Made = 37

FG Attempted = 93

FG% = 39.8

3PT Made = 7

3PT Attempted = 327

3P% = 25.9

FT Made = 11

FT Attempted = 13

FT% = 84.6

Offensive Rebounds = 8

Defensive Rebounds = 31

Total Rebounds = 49

Assists = 16

Steals = 9

Block = 14

Turnovers = 16

Points Off Turnovers = 23

PF = 20

Fast Break Points = 10

Paint Points = 54



Matchup Advanced Metrics

(Referenced By www.nba.com)



Offensive Rating = 105.0

Defensive Rating = 92.9

Net Rating = 12.1

Assist % = 53.8

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.05

Assist Ratio = 16.3

Offensive Rebound % = 20.9

Defensive Rebound % = 74.1

Rebound % = 51.5

Turnover % = 20.0

Effective Field Goal % = 58.2

True Shooting % = 60.7

Pace = 99.50

Player Impact Estimate = 64.4

Toronto Raptors

Offensive Rating = 92.9

Deffensive Rating = 105.0

Net Rating = -12.1

Assist % = 43.2

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.00

Assist Ratio = 12.4

Offensive Rebound % = 25.9

Deffensive Rebound % = 79.1

Rebound % = 48.5

Turnover % = 16.2

Effective Field Goal % = 43.5

True Shooting % = 46.6

Pace = 99.50

Player Impact Estimate = 35.6



Matchup Shooting Stats

(Referenced By www.cleaningtheglass.com)




37% (FREQ)

59.3% (FG%)


15% (FREQ)

58.3% (FG%)


2% (FREQ)

100.0% (FG%)


17% (FREQ)

64.3% (FG%)


9% (FREQ)

28.6% (FG%)


38% (FREQ)

38.7% (FG%)


46% (FREQ)

36.8% (FG%)

Toronto raptors


40% (FREQ)

55.6% (FG%)


22% (FREQ)

40.0% (FG%)


10% (FREQ)

20.0% (FG%)


32% (FREQ)

33.3% (FG%)


7% (FREQ)

28.6% (FG%)


21% (FREQ)

25.0% (FG%)


28% (FREQ)

25.9% (FG%)



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The fact that the Bucks were borderline blowing this team out for many chunks of the game and were able to pull ahead again after the Raptors managed to temporarily cut the lead by 6 makes this an impressive victory for me. This is the second best team in the East (for now) and there were major playoff implications hanging on this game so you have to expect this game could be a dog fight. However, Toronto is fragiley minded team and the Bucks have proven to me resilient and completely locked in. This is why I thought a blowout was on the table here even though they only won by 13pts. It’s a convincing win though non the less and with a lot at stake for the playoffs so I have to give the Bucks an A+ here. They played a phenomenal game and pulled the plug on the Raptors before they’re adrenaline rush went to far. That’s what good teams do against good teams! HUGE WIN! Love it.



Well the Bucks are officially the team to beat in the Eastern conference and their really is no debating that. Philly is coming on and Boston still has all the ingredients to make an impressive late season run and the Raptors are still a damn good team but really the Milwaukee Bucks have no doubt edged themselves into a tier of their own by all standards. The rest of the East is now looking up and the Bucks are looking down. The Bucks aren’t even done yet as they could stock pile the wins this month with a super soft February schedule. Keep it going Milwaukee! GO BUCKS!