BUCKS POST GAME REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks @ Brooklyn Nets (02/04/19)



Well I wasn’t able to squeeze in a pre-game report for this matchup but it’s all good because the Bucks get another win against the Nets! Actually I’m a little surprised by the score to be honest with you. The Brooklyn Net have been on fire since December. They are definitely one of the top underrated teams in the NBA if not the most underrated. The Bucks already spanked them once this season and this game was at the Barclays Center so I probably would have guessed that we would have gotten a close game from the Nets. Really, it just doesn’t seem to matter what the constraints are for the Bucks these days as they just keep piling up the wins continue to look like a well oiled machine. Let’s dive into the analysis.

Final Score = Bucks 113 (W) @ Opponent 94 (L)




Ok so this game started out as a really gritty defensive battle. The Nets were stuffing the paint with their zone defense and it was definitely impacting the Bucks through the first half. The Bucks were struggling to get their normal easy buckets in the paint but reset in the 3rd quarter and finally unleashed their offense by scoring a respectable 36 points. Fortunately though for the Bucks, the nets were even worse on offense than the Bucks last night. Both teams gave horrible shooting performances. The Nets were a whopping 5 out of 42 from three ball land for an abysmal 11.9%. Lucky for them they played pretty well on defense regardless that the Bucks still eventually turned it on and still put up their points. Speaking of defense let’s talk about it because the Bucks were even better on defense tonight.

Let’s start with my guy…Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe is truly cementing himself as a beast of a defender. He’s great on-ball and off-ball. He can recover so freaking quickly and has great instincts when it comes to poking for loose balls. He showed all of this last night! Him and Giannis both had great chemistry on multiple highlight plays as well. We all know at this point that the best way to maximize Giannis is by surrounding him with shooters and defenders…however, going into the start of this season I thought that Bledsoe would have a major positive effect on Giannis as well. In the half-court Giannis needs floor spacing but in transition he needs at least another jet to fly with and that is Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe is arguably the quickest PG in the league…at least top 3. The guy is flat out fast! He’s also one of the best slashers in the league. Having another guy on the team who has blazing explosiveness and can absorb so much attention when driving to the basket is crucial to pair with Giannis. You need more than one guy who can command so much attention and get to the rim because if you cannot collapse the paint well shooters won’t be so open like they have been all season!

Because the Bucks have elite slashers on this team (Giannis, Bledsoe, and Brogdon), they have benefited from premium long range looks all season. Giannis is a major reason for this but Bledsoe and Brogdan should receive heavy credit for this as well! As good and technical as Brogdan is as he finishes almost all of his shots at the rim, he doesn’t break down the defense though like Bledsoe does. Bledsoe can get anywhere he wants on the court and has far superior handles. Sure he makes boneheaded mistakes more often than you would like but he makes so many impact plays that make up for it in my opinion. Bledsoe also seemed to be playing with a chip on his shoulder last night since as D’Angelo Russel edged him out for spot in the all-star game after Victor Oladipo went down for the season. For Bledsoe put on a Bledshow last night even if he didn’t light it up with his offense. He did a remarkable job of creating plays though (especially for Giannis). His transition lob toss for the OOP to Giannis was a beauty! He can really lob it…

Anyway, I think two paragraphs on Bledsoe is enough for this report. The Bucks just seem unbreakable at this point, meanwhile they are breaking everyone else. I thought this might be a sneaky loss for the Bucks and it’s nice to see the Bucks overcome games like these. What can’t the Bucks do at this point?









Matchup Team Stats

(Referenced By www.espn.com)


Milwaukee Bucks

FG Made = 43

FG Attempted = 101

FG% = 42.6

3P Made = 10

3PT Attempted = 39

3P% = 25.6

FT Made = 17

FT Attempted = 25

FT% = 68.0

Offensive Rebounds = 15

Defensive Rebounds = 44

Total Rebounds = 59

Assists = 29

Steals = 9

Blocks = 7

Turnovers = 11

Points Off Turnovers = 11

Persoanl Fouls = 20

Fast Break Points = 22

Paint Points = 60


FG Made = 33

FG Attempted = 102

FG% = 32.4

3PT Made = 5

3PT Attempted = 42

3P% = 11.9

FT Made = 23

FT Attempted = 28

FT% = 82.1

Offensive Rebounds = 16

Defensive Rebounds = 40

Total Rebounds = 56

Assists = 23

Steals = 5

Block = 9

Turnovers = 13

Points Off Turnovers = 12

PF = 21

Fast Break Points = 6

Paint Points = 54



Matchup Advanced Metrics

(Referenced By www.nba.com)



Offensive Rating = 105.6

Defensive Rating = 87.9

Net Rating = 17.8

Assist % = 64.7

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 2.64

Assist Ratio = 18.1

Offensive Rebound % = 29.0

Defensive Rebound % = 68.6

Rebound % = 50.0

Turnover % = 10.3

Effective Field Goal % = 47.5

True Shooting % = 50.4

Pace = 107.00

Player Impact Estimate = 62.1


Offensive Rating = 87.9

Deffensive Rating = 105.6

Net Rating = -17.8

Assist % = 69.7

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.77

Assist Ratio = 15.2

Offensive Rebound % = 31.4

Deffensive Rebound % = 71.0

Rebound % = 50.0

Turnover % = 12.1

Effective Field Goal % = 34.8

True Shooting % = 41.1

Pace = 107.00

Player Impact Estimate = 37.9



Matchup Shooting Stats

(Referenced By www.cleaningtheglass.com)




44% (FREQ)

56.8% (FG%)


15% (FREQ)

46.7% (FG%)


4% (FREQ)

100.00% (FG%)


19% (FREQ)

55.6% (FG%)


8% (FREQ)

50.0% (FG%)


28% (FREQ)

17.9% (FG%)


36% (FREQ)

25.0% (FG%)



31% (FREQ)

51.9% (FG%)


22% (FREQ)

47.4% (FG%)


6% (FREQ)

16.7% (FG%)


29% (FREQ)

40.0% (FG%)


2% (FREQ)

0.0% (FG%)


39% (FREQ)

13.5% (FG%)


41% (FREQ)

12.8% (FG%)



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The Bucks have had an incredible road trip going 4-1 and ready to take on the Wizards again at Fiserv this Wednesday. They continue to cement the poise, the resilience, and the consistency of a team that can win it all and does. I would normally penalize the Bucks in this matchup for such an inefficient shooting night but they were completely savage on defense (87.9 DEF rating!), still got their point paints after a slow start, Giannis was one assist away from a triple double, Bledsoe mulled Russel on defense, and we had plenty of highlight dunks including a monster left handed putback by Pat “Scraps” Connaughton! Oh and how can I not mention that we crushed the Nets by 19 points to finalize a 5 game road trip!? Despite a shit shooting night the Bucks did everything else and did it on the road so they still earn a classic A+ here.




The Bucks have a real opportunity ahead of them here in February as their schedule is a cakewalk and Boston is really their only majorly difficult game this month. The Bucks just went 4-1 on a 5 game stretch of away games having faced Toronto and OKC during this run. That is impressive. They are 9-1 in their last 10 and really it’s hard for me to the Bucks losing more than 2 games this month. Heck I wouldn’t put it past them to almost sweep the competition this month. The Bucks keep proving game after game that they can and do beat the teams they should beat just like they did to the Brooklyn Nets last night. The sample size is extremely relevant at this point and I don’t have a good reason to believe they won’t keep doing it this month! At max they lose 2 games this month but I won’t be surprised if they only lose uno. GO BUCKS!