BUCKS PREGAME REPORT: Celtics Vs. Bucks - Game 2 NBA Playoffs Semi-Finals (04/30/19)


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Oh boy. Game 1 of the eastern conference semi-finals matchup vs. the Celtics was a complete disaster! The Bucks got completely blown out. Well actually, it wasn’t until the 4th quarter that the Celtics really pulled away. The media has blown some things out of proportion here. The Bucks definitely didn’t play well but it wasn’t as disastrous as it’s being made out to be. The Celtics (Brad Stevens) has discovered how to take away Giannis Antetokounmpo’s biggest strength: getting to the basket. The problem is, Giannis has so many other strengths and if you try to take one away (even his best strength) he can punish you in other words. Mike Budenholzer isn’t no dummy and there is no doubt in my mind that a crucial adjustment is coming tonight! Let’s dive in.



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Match Up: Celtics (2-0) Vs. Bucks (0-1)

Game Time: Tuesday April 30th, 2019 > 7:00PM CT

Game Location: Fiserv Forum • Milwaukee, WI

TV Channels: TNT

Radio: 620 AM/103.3 FM WTMJ / 790 AM

Vegas Spread: Bucks -7.5

Vegas O/U: 219

Money Line: Bucks -360 / Celtics +280



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Ok so you want to make sure you check out the two part pod up above because I really broke down the Bucks agenda in order to win tonight and take back control over this series with the Celtics! Regardless, I will extend my analysis a bit and discuss some key factors tonight outside of the obvious issue that the Celtics are basically deciding that they are going to take away Giannis scoring at the basket. As problematic as this was in game 1 Bucks fans have to remember this. We’ve seen this before! It’s not the first time that teams have tried to stacking the paint! Brad Stevens has shown his hand and has decided to commit relentlessly to this strategy. The problem with this for the Celtics is that it’s going to create an opportunity for the Bucks…starting tonight!

If the Milwaukee Bucks are going to avoid an embarrassing and unexpected second round defeat in this year playoffs it is really going to fall mostly on coach Bud to out chess coach Stevens. Brad Stevens understands how to play against the Freak better than any coach in the league. The Giannis wall is a legitimate strategy to take away Giannis’s best strength and what makes him so unstoppable. But the Bucks are where they are right now coming into the post season with the top overall seed because they have a legitimate supporting cast around Giannis and all kinds of weapons that they can exploit. Giannis blazing his way in transition only to get berried by a wall and suffocated by multiple defenders from the Celtics will guarantee a miserable series and ultimately defeat. This is where the other guys are the key to the Bucks success in this series!

Coach Bud believe it or not needs to slow down Giannis. His lethalness in transition is not going to work against this team. unfortunately. Well not the way they are playing him. If the Bucks are going to break through the wall in transition well then they need every hustle guy they got sprinting as fast as they can and allow Giannis’s gravity to create a distraction leaving potentially an Eric Bledsoe or Pat “Scraps” Connaughton with wide open driving lanes. Giannis has to slow the hell up and allow the rest of the team to catch up and get into their positions. However, at least in transition the Bucks can still break through the wall, they’re just going to have to send other guys through! If they still can’t through then at least let our stretch bigs catch up so they can be ready for a wide open corner three!

The key here though is in the half court. The Bucks are almost better off just slowing down completely and resetting their offense. This means they may actually be able to neutralize Boston’s defense a bit and force them to get into a normal defensive scheme or challenge to stay committed to packing the paint. If they continue to pack the paint, once again, USE GIANNIS AS A DECOY! I coach Bud can maximize Giannis’s ability to trigger the Celtics to continue to collapse the paint and look for the wide open shooter all around the perimeter well then the Bucks will be able to napalm the Celtics from three point range the rest of the series! If the Celtics are going to initiate their offense from the beginning packing the paint well then guys like Middleton, Mirotic, and Lopez should not hesitate to shoot early in the clock! When the Celtics zag, the Bucks just need to zig!




A lot of NBA media experts are blowing this game 1 loss out of proportion. In fact, I think the loss is only to the Bucks advantage as Brad Stevens completely showed his hand and is willing to over commit to stopping Giannis and let the rest of the team beat them. That' is exactly what I think the Bucks will do tonight! Expect a lot of long range shots tonight folks. The Bucks will be bombing 3’s all…night…long!

Final Verdict = (W) Bucks 119 Vs. (L) Celtics 107

TIGER’S Calling It…

“BUCKS BY 12.”




Game 2 is the most important game of the series going forward no doubt. The Celtics have the opportunity to completely dismantle the Bucks the rest of the series with another upset win. However, the Bucks also have an opportunity to dismantle the Celtics “shut down Giannis” strategy and possibly even neutralize their approach going forward. It’s a battle of the coach’s tonight and we’re about to see if coach Budenholzer has what it takes to out chess the brilliant mind of Brad Stevens. I can’t wait to see this shit! GO BUCKS! BUCKS IN THE FINALS! BUCKS IN 6!