BUCKS PREGAME REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks @ Houston Rockets - Week 1 (10/24/19)


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Ok, here we go NBA WEEK! Bucks @ Rockets…what’s better than that? Bucks @ home vs Rockets obviously but still we could not ask for a more thrilling oponent to start off the year! It’s about time we got some regular season basketball and this game is going to be a great first test. The Bucks completely destroyed their opponents in the preseason and they just look like a well oiled machine with Giannis already looking like is last season MVP form. The Rockets played well this preseason as well and they have the addition of Harden’s former teammate Russel Westrbook. This is going to be a really interesting game and probably high scoring! Let’s dive into it!




Match Up: Bucks @ Rockets

Game Time: Thursday October 24th > 7:00PM CT

Game Location: Toyta Center • Houston, TX

TV Channels: TNT

Radio: 620 AM/103.3 FM WTMJ

Vegas Spread: Rockets -1

Vegas O/U: 230

Money Line: Bucks +100 / Rockets -120



tiger pregame analysis

Naturally, this is a tricky game to predict as these two teams are almost mirror images of each other in terms of playing style. We’re going to see a ton of bombs from the arc and a ton of Harden doing what he does and a ton of Giannis doing what he does. This is some what of a revenge game for Harden and the Rockets too as Giannis came out on top in the MVP voting even though it was neck and neck down the stretch last season. The Bucks also beat them twice last season. On top of that it’s Rockets at home in the Toyota Center. There is a lot of motivation to think the Rockets will win this won based on all of these factors. However, I have a little bit of analysis that I think supports the Bucks here in an upset win here.

Vegas has this close and so do I. However, I do believe the Bucks will steal the first of the season on the road here. It comes to two main reasons: team chemistry and preseason polish. The Bucks roster right now is so cohesive. Even the new guys that they added look really solid and played really well in the preseason. Losing Brogdon is no doubt a big deal but there is no doubt that the Bucks are going to take another leap this seaon even without Brog Dog (even though it could be an even bigger one with him). The Bucks already look so fine-tuned through the entirity of preseason. They actually were even blowing out teams. They are so deep and their studs are playing great already. No Bledsoe for this game stinks so maybe Harden goes off but you cannot ignore the fact that the Bucks created a pretty damn good defensive blueprint against him last season forcing him to go to his right at all costs. I would think coach Bud would try the same thing again in this matchup.

Regardless of the confidence I have in the Bucks, it’s the Rockets themselves that I think have a major question that will cost them a victory in their home arena week 1 of the NBA. It’s how well Russel Westrbook is going to fit and play with the Rockets at the very start of the NBA. Now I didn’t see any Houston preseason games but regardless…they have to go up against the best regular season team in the NBA last season who already look phenomenal going undefeated in precision. Westrbook and Harden I think will figure this out and some point this season. I believe this because they were teammates once before and they both have a ton of respect for each other and want to play together. However, I am not sold they are going to flowing well together week 1 against my juggernaut the Milwaukee Bucks. Now if Harden goes off because of the favorable defensive matchup he’ll face the whole game none of this will matter. However, I have every reason to believe the Bucks are going to play really well tonight I think their is a real good possibility that Westrbook could struggle from the get go here and their could be some very noticible roster chemistry issues as well as schematic issues for the Rockets in this one.




Ok so I am actually going to pick a mild upset here! I do think the Bucks will win this one and somewhat convincingly. I think the Bucks are just to polished right already starting the regular season and the Rockets I expect to have some issues trying to fit Wesbrook in. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harden goes off and wins the thing for them.

Final Verdict = (W) Bucks 120 @ (L) Rockets 110

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Well there you go. The first post game report of the season! Expect my usual mini pods from last season going forward. Let’s see if the Bucks can infact sneak an upset win against the Rockets this season and get off to a hot start just like last season!