BUCKS PREGAME REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks @ Boston Celtics - Game 3 NBA Playoffs Semi-Finals (05/03/19)


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Oh boy. Game 1 of the eastern conference semi-finals matchup vs. the Celtics was a complete disaster! The Bucks got completely blown out. Well actually, it wasn’t until the 4th quarter that the Celtics really pulled away. The media has blown some things out of proportion here. The Bucks definitely didn’t play well but it wasn’t as disastrous as it’s being made out to be. The Celtics (Brad Stevens) has discovered how to take away Giannis Antetokounmpo’s biggest strength: getting to the basket. The problem is, Giannis has so many other strengths and if you try to take one away (even his best strength) he can punish you in other words. Mike Budenholzer isn’t no dummy and there is no doubt in my mind that a crucial adjustment is coming tonight! Let’s dive in.



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Match Up: Bucks (1-1) @. Celtics (1-1)

Game Time: Friday May 3rd, 2019 > 7:00PM CT

Game Location: TD Garden • Boston MA

TV Channels: ESPN

Radio: 620 AM/103.3 FM WTMJ / 790 AM

Vegas Spread: Celtics -1.5

Vegas O/U: 220

Money Line: Bucks +105 / Celtics -125



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Alright here we go game 3 and now we’re hitting the road Jack and we won’t come back until Wed May 8th. After a pair of blowouts from both teams thus far, I think we have to all imagine that we’re going to finally get a nail biter. I kind of hope so actually! It’s been a damn good series thus far but really we need to see which team is going to out grind and scratch out a close win. The Celtics shocked the NBA in game 1 but the Bucks probably shocked the NBA even more with an even more shocking blowout. These teams seem fairly neutralized however, Boston still has a huge edge with a road split. Regardless, I think the Bucks have actually regained a psychological advantage which is ultimately going to carry more weight the rest of the series.

I’ve talked about the Giannis wall and Brad Steven’s commitment to shutting down Giannis and eliminating the rim. It was a brilliant strategy in game 1 and even through the first half of game 2. But then the Milwaukee avalanche came and the wall just completely broke down and the Celtics were completely derailed on defense. I think the key in game 3 is whether or not we’re are going to see any extreme wild card adjustments from either coach but particularly from Stevens. Is loading up the paint and walling Giannis a sustainable strategy or does coach Stevens need to completely abandon these tactics and show a completely different look? Is it just a matter of executing better or at least closer to what the Celtics did in game 1 or are the Bucks just to explosive and versatile that and over commitment to any one strategy is just going to backfire completely like it did in game 2?

This series has suddenly gotten overwhelmingly intriguing as we have a serious chest match here! The Celtics do have all the ingredients to knock out the Bucks as their personal still matches up great against the Bucks and Brad Stevens is proven he has the Bucks figured out better than any team in the league. The problem is even the Bucks could very easily get upset and knocked out…the Bucks could still BLOW BOSTON OUT. I’m serious, as great as Brad Stevens is I believe the Bucks are about as matchup proof as you get. They have size. They have shooting. They have arguably the most dominant player in the games (and most likely this season’s MVP). They have versatility. They also have a mastermind coach themselves. And on top of that reinforcements is arriving potentially in the next game or two in Malcolm Brogdon! This Boston team is dangerous as we saw in game 1 but really you just can’t trust them to take out this resilient Bucks team. Game 2 proved the Bucks may be so good that they can overcome any and all obstacles until the NBA Finals and possibly through the NBA Finals.




I’m almost certain that we are going to get a nail biter here in game 3. I think both teams have somewhat compromised each other a bit even though I gotta give my Bucks the advantage here. However, the TD Garden is going to be fired up and shutting down Kyrie Irving is going to be key as it’s situations like these where this dude is likely to go off playing in front of the home crowd. With that said, I don’t think Brad Stevens is going to be able to through anything new at the Bucks that will disrupt them like he did in game 1. The Bucks proved in game 2 that you if choose to over commit to shutting down Giannis he can still have a huge game and the rest of the team with destroy you. Plus the Bucks defense looks re-energized and if they don’t tank again on offense like they did in game 1 they will grind this win out. I expect a close game all game but the Bucks will grind out the crucial buckets at the end!

Final Verdict = (W) Bucks 115 @ (L) Celtics 111

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Game 3 is going to be intense. Probably way more so than the first two games of the series thus far. I’m really curious to see how the coaches blueprint their strategies tonight. Are we going to see some new looks and radical adjustments or are they going to keep things simple and just tell their players to execute game plans they have been using? Regardless, this is the most intense series of the playoffs thus far. Tune in with it! GO BUCKS! BUCKS IN THE FINALS! BUCKS IN 6!