BUCKS PREGAME REPORT: Milwaukee Bucks @ Los Angeles Lakers 03/01/19


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After a high scoring thriller Wednesday night against the Kings the Bucks get a national TV game against the glamorous but drama filled Lakers. This will be the first match up of the series as the Bucks are coming off a 6 game win streak and are 9-1 in their last 10 while the Lakers have been mostly falling apart over the last few weeks. This game has plenty of story line as we get to see Giannis vs. Lebron in an actual real basketball game compared to Team Giannis vs. Team Lebron from the NBA All-Star game. This game is very intriguing because national media news is smothering Giannis right now claiming he is the MVP front runner but also possibly the current king of basketball. The Bucks are a well oiled machine and are pretty much match up proof at this point but Giannis is on somewhat of a minute restriction and Nikola Mirotic may just be sitting out tonight so the Lakers being desperate for wins right now and Lebron who most likely will really get up for this game could surprise the Bucks tonight. Analysis time…




Match Up: Bucks (47/07) @. Lakers (30/31)

Game Time: Saturday, Mar. 1st 2019 > 8:30PM CT

Game Location: Staples Center • Los Angeles, Ca


Radio: 620 AM/103.3 FM WTMJ / 710 AM ESPN

Vegas Spread: Bucks -4

Vegas O/U: 238.5

Money Line: Bucks -180 / Opponent +150



tiger pregame analysis

The Lakers really have no business beating the Bucks tonight knowing how fragile they are at the moment with so much team divide. Los Angeles is a complete mess of a franchise right now and now they have to play the best team in the NBA who is an absolute juggernaut. Normally I would say this is bad news bears for the Lakers however, there is definitely room for an upset here if Lebron unleashes himself and carries this team on it’s back. This is really going to depend on whether the Bucks really limit Giannis’s minutes however. It’s the big stage of LA and Lebron may get really fire up for this one. However, there is a flip side to this scenario as well. It’s the fact that Giannis most certainly will likely get up for this game too!

The matchup between these two NBA super stars always delivers and there is a lot of legacy status on the table here with each and every game they play against each other. Giannis has his eyes on the prize of being the best player in the world while exceeding Lebron and Lebron is clearly not ready to give up his throne. Even if Lebron has a monster game tonight, he’s going to really have to get a lot out of his teammates which is not easy these days. If Giannis can play about 30 minutes tonight well I’m not sure if even a beast game by Lebron is going to be enough to top the Bucks tonight. The team is too deep and really the Lakers just do not have the offensive fire power nor a team strategy the can matchup well with the Bucks.

The Bucks are the best rim protection team in the league. They do not allow points at the basket and really this is the only way the Lakers can get their baskets. The Lakers are ranked 28th in 3pt shooting while ranking only 19th in attempts. Passing around this team is not going to do them much good tonight if they can’t make any shots and the Bucks contest the most shots in the league so that won’t make it any easier. Lebron would have to go absolutely insane tonight if they want a chance to win and he’s going to have to flip his defense “on switch” as well. Giannis will be at full effort as usual to night and beating Lebron at the Staples Center tonight with his NBA record leading squad could be a huge moment for him. There is definitely a chance for a sneaky upset here but I’m not going to get cute here. The Bucks are a powerhouse and not easily shake able right now and if anything they will be extra motivated as well. The Lakers may upset the Bucks tonight but they also may just get completely blown out.

I just think the Lakers offense is likely to really struggle against the Bucks smothering defense tonight. They pack the paint and force you to hit 3’s. The Lakers would have to get blazing hot from the arc tonight to infiltrate this Bucks D. On offense, the Bucks just have too many savvy vets who I expect to have their way with these youngsters. The Bucks ball movement will really make the Laker’s squad work tonight. For a team that is completely falling apart, do they really have it in them tonight to just completely turn it up like ten notches. I’ll tell you this…it’s going to take a lot of notches! A lot of the sports analysts like the Lakers to win tonight and upset the Bucks. Or wait… Maybe they just like the Lakers and continue to disrespect the Bucks? Hmmmm, that could be more like it! Sports media is obsessed with anointing Lebron in these moments even when it doesn’t even make any sense. If Giannis is limited on minutes heavily tonight this could be a thing, but I don’t see coach Bud limiting him to heavily tonight. This matchup has a lot of psychological benefits if the Bucks as it will be the first meeting against Lebron in a Lakers outy and I think the coach Bud and the Bucks are going to take this pretty seriously. Sorry sports show analysts people but you may be on the wrong side of the spectrum with your predictions tonight!



Matchup Comparison (Basic Stats)

(Referenced By www.nba.com)



Points Scored = 117.4 / Rank 2

FG Made = 43.4 / Rank 4

FG Attempts = 90.7 / Rank 5

FG% = 47.9 / Rank 2

3PT Made = 13.3 / Rank 2

3PT Attempts = 37.9 / Rank 2

3P% = 35.1 / Rank 16

FT Made = 17.2 / Rank 19

FT Attempted = 22.3 / Rank 19

FT% = 77.0 / Rank 15

Offensive Rebounds = 9.0 / Rank 27

Defensive Rebounds = 40.9 / Rank 1

Total Rebounds = 49.0 / Rank 1

Assists = 26.3 / Rank 6

Turnovers = 14.1 / Rank 16

Steals = 7.6 / Rank 15

Blocks = 6.1 / Rank 2

Blocks Attempted = 4.9 / Rank 12

Personal Fouls = 19.8 / Rank 5

Personal Fouls Drawn = 20.0 / Rank 25

Plus / Minus = 9.5 / Rank 1

Los Angeles Lakers

Points Scored = 112.4 / Rank 13

FG Made = 42.8 / Rank 6

FG Attempts = 90.3 / Rank 7

FG% = 47.4 / Rank 6

3PT Made = 10.2 / Rank 20

3PT Attempts = 30.3 / Rank 19

3P% = 33.8 / Rank 28

FT Made = 16.4 / Rank 23

FT Attempted = 23.9 / Rank 11

FT% = 68.8 / Rank 30

Offensive Rebounds = 10.0 / Rank 19

Defensive Rebounds = 36.7 / Rank 2

Total Rebounds = 46.8 / Rank 7

Assists = 25.2 / Rank 11

Turnovers = 15.9 / Rank 29

Steals = 7.5 / Rank 17

Blocks = 5.5 / Rank 10

Blocks Attempted = 5.3 / Rank 20

Personal Fouls = 20.8 / Rank 13

Personal Fouls Drawn = 21.4 / Rank 14

Plus / Minus = -1.2 / Rank 22



Matchup Comparison (Advanced Stats)

(Referenced By www.nba.com)



Offensive Rating = 13.3 / Rank 3

Defensive Rating = 104.0 / Rank 1

Net Rating = 9.3 / Rank 1

Assist % = 60.5 / Rank 13

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.87 / Rank 7

Assist Ratio = 18.5 / Rank 8

Offensive Rebound % = 24.9 / Rank 26

Defensive Rebound % = 75.7 / Rank 2

Rebounds % = 51.6 / Rank 4

Turnover % = 13.6 / Rank 10

Effective Field Goal % = 55.3 / Rank 2

True Shooting % = 58.4 / Rank 2

Pace = 103.08 / Rank 6

Player Impact Estimate = 55.6 / Rank 1

Los Angeles Lakers

Offensive Rating = 107.4 / Rank 21

Defensive Rating = 108.4 / Rank 13

Net Rating = -1.0 / Rank 20

Assist % = 58.9 / Rank 20

Assist/Turnover Ratio = 1.58 / Rank 19

Assist Ratio = 17.6 / Rank 15

Offensive Rebound % = 26.8 / Rank 19

Defensive Rebound % = 72.4 / Rank 18

Rebounds % = 50.3 / Rank 14

Turnover % = 15.2 / Rank 27

Effective Field Goal % = 53.1 / Rank 10

True Shooting % = 55.7 / Rank 17

Pace = 103.99 / Rank 4

Player Impact Estimate = 49.8 / Rank 16




Ok so I won’t be surprised by the outcome of this game (well unless the Bucks got blown out) but I don’t the Bucks break their winning streak tonight. Lebron’s fan club of sports analysts are getting cute today thinking the Lakers are going to completely shock the Bucks late tonight. With how fragile this team is right now and how poised the Bucks are…the Lakers might get their asses kicked. If Giannis doesn’t lose a lot of minutes I expect the Bucks to have a big night and blow these LA boys in the ocean.

Final Verdict = (W) Bucks 135 @ (L) Opponent 115

TIGER’S Calling It…

“BUCKS BY 20.”




This is definitely one of the highlight games of their so make sure you watch this one! Both the Bucks and Lakers play at a really fast pace so it should be a high scoring game with plenty of offense so expect a good one. The game should bring some good ol’ classic Laker drama a well! I like the Bucks in this despite what many sports analysts think today and the low Vegas spread in favor of the Bucks. Remember, this game is in Vegas lol. Is their a chance that the Vegas odds makers just really want to will a Lakers win here? We’ll see! Make sure you tune in tonight! GO BUCKS! BUCKS IN THE FINALS, BUCKS IN 6!