BUCKS RUMOR REPORT: Are The Milwaukee Bucks About To Snatch The Historically Elite Sharp Shooter Kyle Korver After He Gets Waived By The Phoenix Suns?


What's the rumor tiger?

The Bucks just lost Malcolm Brogdon to the Indiana Pacers who clearly were willing to pay him more than the Bucks were willing too. Fortunately the Bucks received a nice hall in return including a 1st and two second round picks (not completely sure what years these picks will be accessible yet!). When you lose a quality player of Brogdon’s caliber it means you better pounce on replacement possibilities. Ala Kyle Korver the legendary 3pt shooting extraordinaire. Korver just got traded to the Suns in a 4 player deal and with the intention to buy out his contract with one year of $7.5 million left on the deal. Why the Suns even made this deal I have no idea (kind of stupid if you ask me) as they sent a high upside young talent in Josh Jackson packing to Memphis.. Fortunately for the Bucks, Korver is available and has already spent multiple years under our current coach Mike Budenholzer. Rumor has it that the Bucks are going after Korver and it won’t’ surprise me if we land him. Korver is a sensational shooter even at his current age and is the perfect fit role player in the Bucks new “5 out offense” where floor spacing around Giannis and perimeter shooting is the focal point. Can and will the Bucks land Korver? Let’s dive deeper.






tiger rumor REPORT SUMMARY

Ok so let’s be real here… Kyle Korver is a unique NBA specimen not so much from an athletic perspective but from a skill set perspective. Korver acquires a skill set (specifically one) that specific NBA teams covet more than anything when it comes to filling out their bench. It’s shooting. It’s a shooting league. Teams spread the floor more than ever before and use their star players to open up easy shots forb their teammates. Kyle Korver is a 42.9% career average 3pt shooter which is pretty ridiculous. He has shot that % on 4.7 attempts a game for his entire career. For your entire career, those two stats combined are sensational and truly historic (not many NBA players have ever done that). Korver has been so elite at one NBA skill (shooting) that impacts an offense so much that championship contenders and teams who need shooters are willing to fight through heavy competition for. The Bucks, Lakers, and 76ers are all rumored as front runners and there is no questioning why. All three of these teams need more shooting. The Bucks not as much in terms of lacking it but more so in terms of what their offense is predicated off of and what made it elite last season. The Lakers and the 76ers on the other hand need shooters BADLY.

Crazy enough, all three of these teams have ties with Korver. Kyle started his career in Philly. He played with Lebron in Cleveland. He also was coached under coach Budenholzer in Atlanta. All three of these teams need him more than all the other teams in the league. Korver most likely is probably appealed to playing with all three teams as all three are most like to throw a contract offer at him once he clears his buyout with the Suns. But which team would he prefer to play with the most? Honestly this is a really hard one to figure out. All three teams have similar championship contending odds. The duo of Lebron and Anthony Davis are clearly going to have major level leverage towards louring in Korver. However, they barely have a team assembled around them and Korver as already gone through the Lebron experience. Philly just acquired Al Horford which is a super sneaky potential upgrade over Jimmy Butler. Horford is a major impact big and it kind of scares me now as a Bucks fan as a Bucks fan that he landed on Philly to pair with Embiid in the front court. This is bad news for bonzos for Giannis as Bucks fans. Horford guards Giannis better than anyone in the league and you still have to deal with Embiid who is a defensive monster and will likely win a DPOY or two before his career ends. It won’t surprise me if Kyle is really intrigued by the 76ers roster and is assumed to be role if were to join.

And then there is the Milwaukee Bucks, The reigning regular season champs with the most coveted young talent in the league in Giannis Antetokounmpo. From a pure basketball perspective, I won’t be surprised if Korver chooses the Lakers or Philly because there is a tremendous amount of draw to join either team. However, there is one draw to joining Milwaukee why I think Korver is going to choose my Bucks over the competitors. IT’S THE OPPORTUNITY SHOOT! Yes, that is right! Yes both other teams need shooting but schematically neither team really has anything figured out at this point. If anything both teams will rely on their stars with the ball in their hands most of the time. If Korver joins the Bucks he already knows he is joining the 2nd highest volume 3pt shooting team in the league from a season ago who has built their offense around spreading the floor around Giannis and creating ball movement.

If Korver joins the Bucks it will because he will know his opportunity to maximize his skill set in the Buck’s offense is pretty much a guarantee. He could bump up his volume to 6-7 three’s a game with great open looks all day. The Bucks created wide open looks for every play on the team last season all day on a game by game basis. Why wouldn’t Korver want to join a team that would give him this opportunity to shine like this and also be most likely the heavy weight favorite in the East (depending one what Kawhi does - I’ll still pick the Bucks regardless). Milwaukee is the best destination for Korver even though he has three great options. On top of that coach Bud and Korver have a great relationship together. Finally, don’t you think that Kyle may want to have an opportunity to play with the new league MVP Giannis Antetoukounmpo? It might shock you…but the Bucks have actually the most draw to gain Kyle Korver’s skill set and the way that John Horst negotiates business…I’m counting on Korver signing with the Bucks in the next few days (or as soon as he gets bought out by the Suns).



tiger TOP 3 quick points

Check out TIGER’s top 3 quick points below! Real quick with it…


tiger quick point #1:

Shooters want to shoot.

Kyle Korver is an all time great three point shooter in the NBA. Above anything else the dude clearly will always want to be in situations where he can have opportunities to shoot. He can get a plethora of that in Milwaukee as they shot 38.2 shots a game behind the perimeter last season Korver would essentially inherit all of the departed Malcolm Brogdon’s 3.8 attempts a game on 42.6% efficiency. Imagine what Korver could do do in this offense with probably more attempts and such great looks on a regular basis? Korver could probably hit 6-7 attempts a game on 45% efficiency in the Bucks offense. No joke.

tiger quick point #2:

I guaranteed role on a bonified contender and a chance to play with Giannis the NBA’s rising heir to Lebron’s throne and the current league MVP.

There is no doubt it that Giannis is about to attract marquee players to his team going forward just like other superstar plays do. If you want a chance to win championships, Milwaukee is now a new hot destination to consider. It might be Milwaukee Wisconsin but the franchise has done such a major turn around in just a couple of years and are suddenly a league juggernaut. The opportunity to play with Giannis and join this franchise is officially a major draw going forward.

tiger quick point #3:

Coach Bud is a beast of a basketball coach.

Mike Budenholzer just won his second coach of the year award this season and has proven that he is a ridiculous basketball mind. He truly does know how to maximize his roster and develop young players. He also knows how to build his offensive and defensive schemes around his players and not the other way round. He takes what he’s got and does a lot with it. He’s already coached Kyle Korver before and they have a great relationship. At the end of the day you can expect that Korver will be extremely interested in playing for coach Bud again as you know his skill set will be bolstered in this offense and his role will be undisputed.



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Expect Philly, L.A., and Milwaukee to push hard for Korver’s services once he clears his buyout withe Suns. Korver has a skill set that can last him the long career in the NBA that he has already accomplished thus far (he is going on his 16th season). Shooters are coveted in this league. Korver would be a perfect fit on the Bucks and I think he ultimately chooses the Bucks because of his opportunity to maximize what he does best…SHOOT.