BUCKS TRADE REPORT: The Bucks Deal Henson Delly, And A Future 1st Rounder In A Block Buster 3-Way With The Cavs And Wizards In Exchange For George Hill



John Horst has proven to us Bucks fans that the dude straight up as HAS BALLS. The Bucks have finally found a way to part ways with John Henson & Matthew Delavedova sending them to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for George Hill a career standout three and D combo guard. The Bucks will also send a future first round pick and their 2021 2nd round pick in exchange for the Cavs 2021 2nd round pick. The exchange of 2nd round picks is interesting as I have to assume the Bucks are basically just upgrading in the second round of 2021. Now it get’s even more interesting as Washington decide to squeeze themselves into this deal by sending power forward Jason Smith to the Bucks plus cash and a 2nd round pick in 2022 to the Cavs while acquiring Sam Dekker from Cleveland! Wow! Shista. Good thing I summarized all of these details below!




The details of this block buster trade are some what complicated with all of the draft pick trades and future protections but it’s broken down below to it’s most simplicity!


Milwaukee Bucks Receive:

  • Milwaukee acquires George Hill from the Cavaliers with one more year left on his contract and due $19M in 2019 unless the Bucks decline their team option. It’s basically a guarantee that the Bucks will decline but Hill is still owed $1M next year by the Bucks regardless.

  • Milwaukee will also receive a 2021 2nd round pick from Cleveland.

  • The Bucks will receive power forward Jason Smith from the Wizards.

  • Milwaukee also receive cash considerations from Washington.


Cleveland Cavaliers Receive:

  • Cleveland acquires center John Henson & combo guard Matthew Dellavedova from Milwaukee.

  • The Cavs will also receive a future 1st round pick from the the Bucks and their 2021 2nd round pick.


Washington Wizards:

  • Washington acquires Sam Dekker from Cleveland.

  • The Wizzards also receive a second round pick from the Cavaliers in 2022




Ok so this isn’t the most complicated NBA trade ever but…it’s pretty damn complicated! Early reports were pretty confusing and the trade eventually evolved by adding the Washington Wizards into the mix. Overall this seems to be a win-win for all parties except for Washington (I have no idea what the fuck they’re doing). The Bucks clear crucial salary cap space for the next two years by moving Delly and Henson which allows them significant flexibility in free agency going forward. The Bucks can now retain their entire championship contending roster this season and even potentially add more pieces over the next two years! Even if they decide to move on from some of their expiring assets in Middleton, Bledsoe, Lopez, or Brogdon, free agency is loaded with talent this coming summer and they could move in a completely different direction all together now that they have saved themselves about $21M. Unfortunately for the bucks however, I have a really hard time seem seeing any of the big time superstars signing with the Bucks this summer but not the Bucks have the ammunition to make a splash with the other boys and it’s looking like the Bucks are going to finish as an elite team this season so this is BIG TIME HUGE (BTH) when it comes to recruiting the biggest names.

So obviously this trade is a big time win for the Bucks in the long term and more specifically the next two seasons as there is a MAJOR championship window of opportunity for the Bucks but let’s talk about how this trade also bolsters there chances of making it to the finals and possibly winning the whole damn not in the future but literally…this season. The Milwaukee Bucks just acquired George Hill (and Jason Smith but I’m not talking about him because he’s trash and he’s just going to keep Giannis’s seat warm every game). who by all means is probably not the role player stud that he used to be with the Pacers but I have a sneaky feeling we are going to see a revived version of George Hill as a Buck. The dude has been thrown around the last two seasons and was stuck on miserable team like Sacramento and Cleveland who can really kill a veteran’s value because they are more interested in playing their younger guys while rebuilding. However, George is actually having his most efficient shooting season of his career even though his volume of shots have got down a bit. He has had plenty of injuries in the past but Hill really fits the Bucks systems and their locker room as well. He’s just another versatile guard like the rest of the cast that shoots well, plays good defense, can pass, can handle the ball, and has low usage (minus Bledsoe). These are the kind of guys you need to have such an efficient offense like what the Bucks have this season.

Hill is only owed $1 million next season by the Bucks which is just fine as the Bucks definitely will not pick up his option for $19 million and will sure dump his salary. However, there is no doubt that Hill is going to make the Bucks better this season and bolster their championship run. He’s a cerebral player that makes and impact on the floor and is going to give the Bucks an even deeper bench. He’s straight up way better than Delly so we definitely upgrade our back court and he’s also way better than Henson overall as well. Both players were useless on the roster going forward but George Hill well get plenty of minutes and possibly become the first guard off the bench. Is it also possible that he might get some starts too if we run some injury spells? I think so! He’s been a starter most of his career and now he can just be the veteran player a team covets when they are challenging for a title. George Hill in the past was always the type of player that you wanted to pair with Giannis and now we have him! Sweet! We just have to hope that Hill really can reflect some of his glory days from the past. If he can resemble what he used to be and remain efficient well this then this Bucks team is loaded by the time playoffs come as they are deep everywhere now basically.

Here is George Hill’s career stats averages if you are interested.

But now take a look at his PER 36 stats!

The Truth is that George Hill still is a good player and looks pretty close to many of his good years in the NBA. Not his best ones but that’s ok. If we were getting 2016 George Hill for the rest of the season well guess what? He would be a starter. The Bucks starting roster would be absolutely stacked. The Bucks would definitely probably take his option next season and chances are they could take the crown away from the likely Warriors this season. That’s how good Hill was in 2016. Fortunately he doesn’t have to be that good to make an impact on the Bucks this season. Offensively I think he will be great. Defensively is DRPM has really sunk and currently is -1.21 which is not good and especially not by Hill’s standards. However, even ESPN’s RPM chart doesn’t completely factor in how much good teammates inflate your score. We really don’t know how these algorithms are calculate as all we really know is that it’s the best metrics chart we have a available to us. Regardless, I’m just saying that I’m not buying into his current DRPM because the Cavs one of the worst defensive teams in the league and all the Bucks players had bad DRPM’s last season when they’re defense sucked too. Hill’s DRPM score will look way better as the season goes on now that he’s on a top defense…trust me.

Moving onto the Cavaliers. The Cavs also did themselves a solid by acquiring a future 1st round pick from the Bucks. Only issue is that the Bucks have have sold multiple 1st round picks to now in trades with unique protections so we really don’t know for sure when all these picks will convey and the Cleveland will have to be patient and wait for their new toy. They are taking on a lot of salary and a lot of trash by acquiring Henson and Delly but really if your team is the dumpster fire of the earth this is exactly what you need to do in order to rebuild your franchise and accumulate those draft picks. I like this move for them I think it’s necessary and it’s really the only thing you that you really can do unless you are a big market like LA or NY that can suck up the top names in free agency.

Finally, the Washington trash…hgmmmm….I mean Wizards! Seriously, though, this team is fucked up. I love my Sam Dekker when he was a beast for the Badgers in those Final Four seasons but really Washington? Dekker is trash in the NBA right now. I think he does have a skill set that could still translate well especially with certain teams but he’s basically been irrelevant and I don’t know why the Wizards made the play for him. They are giving up a second round pick and cash considerations to acquire him! STUPID! Washington has really fucked up roster chemistry right now and even though Dekker won’t make it worst he sure won’t make them better…at least right now.

Check out Dekker’s career stats averages below.

Ultimately, this is your typical trade were two teams need opposite things and they both have what the other needs and can afford to take on some sacrifices but then Washington hopped in for some reason and just wanted to party I guess. Unless Sam Dekker has a ton of unrealized potential that I am not seeing well the Wizards should be hitting their heads against the wall here. A 2nd for Dekker? C’mon man. He’s barely roster-able right now. He should be playing in the G-League right now if he isn’t already. But once again I LOVE Sam Dekker the player and the personality so I don’t want to trash him anymore because he once was my favorite Badger! I hope he surprises me and turns into an All-Star! It would have been fun seeing him on the Bucks though since all of is in Wisconsin love the guy regardless!




  • Major salary dump for the Bucks which was desperately needed for the crucial next two seasons.

  • The Bucks finally were able to move Henson and Delly’s crippling contracts and somehow did it one deal for only a 1st round pick!

  • The Bucks have tons of cap space available going forward for flexibility and can potentially make some major moves if not this summer but next summer depending how they want to spend.

  • Milwaukee can retain the entire current roster most likely this summer even if all of our soon to be free agents get really good offers from other teams.

  • Milwaukee has a two year window to do everything they can to keep Giannis here in Milwaukee for a 5 year super max and it’s going to come down to acquiring talent in free agency. Unfortunately, grooming players via the draft is not the right strategy for the Bucks over the next few years because the it usually takes until year 3 or 4 for even studs to make an impact and develop. The Bucks don’t have that time right now if they want to maximize their roster around the Freak’s development timeline. Setting themselves up for the next couple of years in free agency is by far the smartest thing GM Jon Horst can do for the team so if you have to trade your picks to accomplish this…so be it.


  • Losing the another future 1st rounder is really crippling the Bucks future drafts.

  • The Bucks are now being forced to shift their team building approach from draft and develop to recruiting free agents which really isn’t a bad thing. In fact I think it’s a great thing (well at least a good thing) right now because the Bucks have a crucial window of time to win a championship while the opportunity is ripe over the next two years and free agency is the only way they can improve their team quickly other than trades. The reason why this is all a negative though is that you really want your team to not to be pinned down on either path. The Bucks are basically completely eliminating a whole avenue of building their team right now. Well at least flip flopping their approach and resources.

  • The Bucks fucked up a lot of contracts over the last few years and are now having to bail themselves out by trading draft picks so they have resources during these big time free agency summers coming up. This trade reflects fixing poor decisions in the past which doesn’t necessarily get you ahead but it’s just something you have to do and live with.




There are two big winners here and obviously a clear loser here. Fortunately the Bucks are one of the winners! BOOM!

Milwaukee Bucks = A-

Ok so this is obviously a great trade us Bucks fans can all agree because it’s the kind of move that had to be done and right now you have to play the cards your given and that’s what Jon Horst is doing. It’s all you can do especially when you’re in your first years of being the new GM. However, this trade isn’t a home run by any means because all we are doing is fixing previous mistakes by shipping our future 1st round pick for cap relief. That’s trash. But you expect to make mistakes and every NBA team has to do this on a regular basis so we can’t be too upset about it. It’s still a phenomenal move by Horst because at least he is fixing the problem, eliminating the two least desirable player contracts on the team, and also adding an upgrade piece to help bolster this elite Bucks team even more for the rest of the season!

Cleveland Cavaliers = B+

I almost tied the Bucks with the Cavs because I think they made out equally well for the most part but are benefiting in opposite ways. The reason why I bumped their grade down one notch is the fact that the 1st round pick that they will convey looks like it’s going to be a couple years out and it’s not certain yet what year it will be. This is fine for the Cavs but they are taking on two horrible salaries that aren’t expiring yet and the two players they are acquiring are trash. Henson showed some things with the Bucks this season but it’s really not that exciting or promising regardless. Delly is just straight up not a very good basketball player at this point even though he has his moments. Ideally the Cavaliers would have liked a 1st for next summer’s draft and I want to think they could have found another trade partner in a similar situation as the Bucks who needed to dump salary as quickly as possible. The Bucks beat the rest of the NBA to it though so good for them and sucks for the Cavs.

Washington Wizard = F+

The Wizards just really fucked this up I think. Sorry for the profanity but hey get used to it! No really though, I don’t see how the Wizards benefit from this trade at all unless they are really strongly enamored by Sam Dekker as a potential asset. I don’t see. I haven’t watched him play recently but his stats suck. Period and this is his 4th season now. I don’t see any real potential here. Not sure if the Wizards do actually either. If they don’t well why the hell did they get involved? As far as I can see they just gave away a draft pick. On top of that, Jason Smith’s contract is expiring this season as Dekker still has one year to go before he hits restricted free agency and get the qualifying offer with the Wizards next season. Basically they aren’t even trying to dump salary here which I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to because both players are irrelevant at this point. The only reason why I didn’t give Trashington a straigh up “F” is because Dekker’s my boy :). They get the (+) because Dekker’s dope!




Milwaukee Bucks!




Trade’s are fun and this was a big one. No it wasn’t your typical block buster deal revolved around big name NBA players I get it. But it was a block buster for all of the other factors and ramifications on how it effects all three of these teams (especially the Bucks and the Cavs). Anytime picks are being dealt it’s a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when a contending team is dumping salary. Forget about the players here because they will all be irrelevant by next season. It’s how this trade effects the long term futures. The Bucks are now going to compete hard this summer in FA. The Cavs are going to have more ammunition in the draft in a couple years to re-stock their talent. And the Wizards basically accomplished nothing but a splinter in their toe. Those suck.