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Have content to send me? Nice! All you have to do is fill out the form below with it… Please send me all the video and image files you can! Media is what makes a web page really stand out and it will increase the social engagement tremendously! Once I respond to your form you can then email me your images as their is no functionality to allow me to collect your image files with the form below. Please send me your image files consolidated in a folder as this will make it easier for me to keep track of what you have sent me! As far as text based content, that is completely your preference upon what you want to send me. The more you send me the more I have to work with! However, there is no need to send me a ton of really long paragraph content because I am going to edit your content pretty heavily. All the content that you send me doesn’t need to be proof read because I am going to do that! Just send me short hand content that is condensed and easy for me to work with. If you can keep it somewhat organized with some rough headline titles that would be great! Just remember, it doesn’t have to be perfected because I am going to modify it tremendously. It’s just a starting point and it gives me something to work with because I am not the expert of your content…you are! If you have any questions just email me after I have responded to your completed form submission! Thanks!




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