Want to join the Bucks On Fire Bar Crawl Brigade?

If you are a die-hard Bucks fan or even just a casual Bucks fan who enjoys being apart of the social culture when well Bucks On Fire blog is starting something brand new that should spice up the downtown sports viewing culture forever…. Introducing the “Bucks On Fire Bar Crawl Brigade!”. There really isn’t much to it believe it or not. The BOF-BCB is simply an organized social gathering out for those who want to watch Bucks games together and be where the action is…legendary downtown Milwaukee 3rd St. The Milwaukee Bucks have not given us a better reason to socialize and enjoy watching Bucks games together as fans since probably the 1980’s’ which is almost four decades ago! With the potential to make the NBA finals and win the whole damn thing why not get together and cheer for this Bucks team…like FIRE? If you want to be apart of the BUCKS ON FIRE BAR CRAWL BRIGADE well continue to read…



Watch the Bucks On fire INTRODUCTION Video Below!



This is how it works

As precluded above, the BOF-BCB is very simple. Just show up to the scheduled bar before Bucks game time! That’s it! With that said…there is a little bit more structure to it…. Here is the game-by-game itinerary.

Game By Game Itinerary:

  1. Meet @ HQ (Headquarters) anytime before game time. Where is HQ? Ale Asylum & Cantina on 3rd Street and Highland Avenue! This is my go to spot down as you get two bars/restaurants in one building! It’s the perfect place to begin a bucks game! Ale Asylum has two bars (one being a lower bar next to an outdoor patio!) which opens up if volume influences it. Cantina has fun games and an open atmosphere with big TVs which makes for a great game watching environment as well. We will watch the first half of Bucks games here and then…WE CRAWL.

  2. Freestyle Bar Crawl. From here on out for the rest of the night we flow where the action goes. If we want to go to Slate we go to Slate…. If we want to go to Pub Club we go to Pub Club. If we want to grab a slice at Brick Pizza…damnit we grab the slice…. Brat House, Who’s On third, Oak Barrel, German Beer Hall, Red White & Blue…it doesn’t matter! THE BUCKS ON FIRE BAR CRAWL BRIGADE GOES WHERE WE WANT TO GO! We are the BOF-BCB…we do what we want. Lol.

  3. Spontaneous Freestyle Bucket Shows. How can you have Bucks game watching parties without live bucket drumming entertainment? Not a thing. TIGER (Me - real third person with it)) will be strapped up with the Gator Bucket Case the entire time. The more we crawl the more I bucket! If you didn’t know I am the rebel street drumming bucket drummer downtown Milwaukee. I can really bucket…



This Is How To Bucks On Fire Bar Crawl

Some bar crawlers are naturals. Some just get piss drunk. The goal isn’t to drink your brain away however. Well at least not in this case! The goal is to cheer for the Bucks and have fun hanging out with Bucks fans! Enjoy a drink or a shot or even order some food where ever we go! It doesn’t mean that we have to splurge at every destination though! Pick your spots and just have a great time!

General Bucks On Fire Bar Crawling Guidelines:

  1. Be social.

  2. Cheer like fire!

  3. Regulate your drinking.

  4. Tip your service staff generously!

  5. Enjoy Bucks games!



Why Bar Crawl With Bucks Fans During Bucks Games?

At the end of the what makes watching sports the most fun is when you watching sports with others! That’s right, sports culture is revolved around social culture! You can sit on your couch and watch the games by yourself or get out where the action is and surround yourself with sports fans just like yourself. Whether you are a diehard Bucks fan and love talking Bucks basketball with other diehard Bucks fans or you are the casual Bucks fan who just wants to be apart of the social culture well then you gotta meet up with the Bucks On Fire Bar Crawl Brigade! It’s the perfect out to enjoy watching Bucks basketball while also adding another social out in your life!

Top Reasons Why To Join The Bucks On Fire Bar Crawl Brigade On Bucks Game Days:

  • Watching Bucks basketball with diehard fans is so much fun!

  • You’ll meet a ton of new people with similar interests!

  • You’ll have a consistent source of social entertainment during NBA season that you never had before!



Are you ready to become a bucks on fire bar crawl brigader?

If you are ready and excited to be a part of this hardcore Bucks fan social group and Bucks game viewing party well then what are you waiting for? Follow the steps below so you can get updates and get connected with the rest of the Brigade!

Step 1: Follow TIGER on Facebook to get acquainted and receive notifications!

Step 2: Join the Bucks On Fire Bar Crawl Brigade Facebook group!

Step 3: Attend Bucks game bar crawl events each and every Bucks game!



Are You Ready To Bar Crawl?

Why watch Bucks game on your couch by yourself when you can go watch Bucks games with other Bucks fans! Join the brigade now! We’ll see you at the next Bucks game!