“WEB DESIGN ON FIRE” - Official Square Space Web Design Service For The Serious Profressional & Hobbiest!

What’s up this is TIGER. Not only am I a hardcore sports blogger covering my home town Milwaukee Bucks independently but I am also an expert web designer! I own the Bucks On. Fire blog and built it myself using the Squarespace platform. If you are not familiar with the Squarespace platform it is the only way to go and you can find it here: www.squarespace.com. It’s the best platform to run your website on as you can easily take full control over making your own edits as well as adding content once the initial design phase is complete. Everything you need is already integrated, including mass emailing, analytics, social media integration, and even your hosting. Squarespace starts you off with a free 14-day trial immediately so hire TIGER to design your new Squarespace website in the meantime! Learn more about my service below…



web design on fire Service Overview

Web Design On Fire is a streamlined web design service for anyone who just wants to start, create, teach, or sell online with a website that can accommodate all of your needs.. I build Squarespace website for the professional and the hobbiest and the business as well who want professional modern day style but ultimately need the functionality that lines up with their needs. My service is flexible but also concrete in what I can do for you and that is: design. You are the expert of your content. This is why I create a custom website template from a clean slate so that you can easily navigate and drop your content…literally right into it! I set you up for success and make it easy for you at take over the wheel and drive! TIGER’s bringing the web design and bringing the fire…




What ever your purpose is, with the help of the incredible Squarespace platform, I can build a stunning website for you! Whether you want to sell a product, create online e-courses and video tutorials, or maybe you just need a blog for promotional purposes, my service covers all your needs no matter who you are or what your purpose is..


Below Are Who Should Consider My Service:


Content Marketers

Affiliate Marketers





Hair Stylists

Self-Help Gurus

Sports Coaches





Video Gamers








Web Design Service Packages

Below you will discover my core web design packages as well as my individual web page pricing. My packages are structured around the core pages you will need based on your purpose. I also break down my pricing per page if you only need specific pages. My price points are competitive and you’ll know exactly what you are getting. I can do as much work as you need, however, I give you the flexibility and opportunity to pay for only what you need and can afford!


Start (2).png

START: the basic web pages

“The Basic Foundation For Your New Website”

The “Start” package is basically well…where it all starts! For those who need nothing more than your most basic and core web pages and a website to at the bare minimum represent your business or brand well then I highly recommend investing in my “Start” web design package. This package gives you everything you need to get started online and be discovered. Whether you know exactly what you want to do with your website yet or not or even just prefer to figure out and do the rest on your own, well my basic package is perfect for you as it is affordable and you will have the main foundation of your website completed in a timely manner!


What Is Included:

  • Home Page - A custom designed home page for your website and brand. The home page is the single most important page on your website as it determines what your web visitors do next! If you’re home page does not captivate your viewers well chances are they just click off without exploring any further. It’s important that your home page deliberately navigates your site traffic to where you most significantly want them to go.

  • BIO / About Page - Depending on your trade, the BIO or about page is also a crucial page on your website (especially if you own a business). This page alone increases your credibility and allows your web traffic to learn more about you and what you do making your site more trustworthy.

  • Blog Page / Category Page - You’re main blog page shares all of your articles from most recent to least recent. It is important to categorize your content for user friendly navigation which is why I include a category page template as well as implement category navigation right on your main blog page.

  • Contact Page - You’re contact page is simple in functionality but very important as well. This page allows your visitors to fill out a contact form so that you can be reached. It also hires basic contact information and can link to your social media accounts as well. A contact page can be very simplistic at it’s core if that is your preference but there is also lot more you can add to it if you want you want to connect your visitors with other online profiles or maybe you just have specific content needs.

  • Site Styles Template Page - The “site styles template page” is a template page that is required for purchase with any package you invest in as I use it during a prerequisite stage of my service in order to build a “styling preferences” template for the entirety of your website. This requires your input and confirmation before I begin building your new site! This is hugely beneficial for my clients as once my work is done you will be able to edit and add to your site with a map for your reference that shows you the global site styling preferences used for all of your pages. This page is key so that you can keep every page on your site consistent and themed appropriately!



Start Package = $250

*(Includes the following pages below or purchase web pages individually).

  • Home Page = $100

  • BIO/About Page = $60

  • Blog Page / Category Page = $40

  • Contact Page = $20

  • *Site Styles Template Page = $30 (Required for design purposes).


Start (3).png

CREATE: media content web page add-ons

“Media Page Templates Too Boost Your Traffic & Expand Your Content”

The “Create” package is for those who want add robust media pages to their website such as image and video galleries or even host a podcast. Depending on what form of content you rely on the most ultimately determines what pages below you will want to consider. Invest in the entire “Create” package if you do heavy media content and want to house it all on your site vs. sending your traffic to Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Soundcloud for example. Having your site be a one stop shop for all of your content is the way to go and consolidates all of your website analytics directly on your own website! This is completely ideal!


What Is Included:

  • Video Gallery Home Page / Category Page - Your video gallery home page navigates your visitors to all of your different video gallery category pages. Why build your video content on YouTube when you can build it right on your own website? It’s cleaner and more visually and aesthetically pleasing to your site visitors to get your videos right on your own site as you can customize the navigation and each page custom around your brand and your site’s stylings! With YouTube gives you a channel that looks exactly like all the other channels. Use YouTube for their free hosting and I will build you a featured video content section where you can embed those videos right on your website!

  • Image Gallery Home Page / Category Page - An Instagram and Pinterest profile definitely get the job done when it comes to showing off your images but just like with a YouTube channel, you are stuck within their site template and can’t really customize a whole lot. On top of that, housing your image content on your own site with your own personal branding will just never be replaced by a social media channel. Take your professionalism to another level and add an image gallery section with full categorization for you photo albums right on your site.

  • Podcast Page - Many people will always prefer to listen to their podcasts with a popular smartphone podcast app like Stitcher, Soundcloud, or itunes but it doesn’t hurt to just embed your pods right on your site either! It looks so much more official and professional to have your podcast audio players embedded right on your website anyway. On top of that you can customize and add additional content that your podcast apps will never accommodate for.



Create Package = $150

*(Includes the following pages below or purchase webpages individually).

  • Video Gallery Home Page / Category Page = $60

  • Image Gallery Home Page / Category Page = $60

  • Podcast Page = $30


Start (4).png

TEACH: Members Area Content web pages

“A Site Membership Area Where You Can Sell Your Own Digital Information Products”

Have you ever wanted to create and sell digital information products online but you have no idea where to even begin? Good news! I can build you a site members area right on the Squarespace platform where you can house a full fledged e-course, a full video tutorial series, or even just a massive library of protected content! I custom design all of the pages that you need so that you can add your content with ease and expand with new products to no end. In order to protect your content, you will need to invest in a monthly membership through: www.memberspace.com (or just start with their free trial!). At this time Squarespace does not have this functionality built in unfortunately.


What Is Included:

  • Members Area Home Page - This is the core page where your product members get directed to when they log into your members area. Your members area home navigates your members to the products that they paid for to get access too! Any instructional information need to guide your members would also be housed here as well.

  • Lesson Module Page - The lesson module page is the most significant page when creating creating protected content as you can literally customize it to no end. From video lessons, to audio lectures, to image diagrams, to step-by-step text instructions, I construct these pages so that you have all the content flexibility you need. Having a solid template so that you can add new lessons and new courses is essential. I design the framework with all of the content sections you would want and need and from there you can drop your content in and even erase sections you don’t need! If you wish to modify the layout of your content sections you can easily just drag each different “element block” around to your liking within the Squarespace live editor.

  • Lesson Category Page - The lesson category page is important for that itself: categorization. Categorization is key especially if you want to cover multiple categories of lesson or video tutorial content. This gives you flexibility with your member site content structure.

  • Video Tutorial Series Page - If you aren’t interested in creating a lot of text based content but just want to emphasize video well then the video tutorial series page will be crucial to you as all of your videos will be housed on one page with minimal content surrounding them.

  • Memberspace Configuration = Memberspace is a third party subscription platform built for Squarespace that allows you to sell and protect digital content online. Figuring out how to connect all of your pages and set up the global configurations for your members area can be really confusing, time consuming, and chances are you won’t get everything set up right so why not just me do it for you? Once I am



Teach Package = $250

*(Includes the following pages below or purchase webpages individually).

  • Members Area Home Page = $60

  • E-Course Lesson Module Page = $90

  • E-Course Lesson Category Page = $40

  • Video Tutorial Series Page = $60

    *Add On: Memberspace Configuration = $100 (Payment collected after design phase if purchased)

Start (6).png

Sell: sales funnel & e-commerce web pages

“Online Sales Funnels For Selling Your Products & Services”

The Sell packages are for anyone who has purchased a Create package and wants to add a robust sales funnel for their membership site or for anyone who wants to sell downloadable e-books, digital template files, physical products, or a service (online or offline). Whether you want a full e-commerce style shop with categories for your products, a single page sales funnel or a robust multi-page sales funnel I give you options! I will personally set up all of your global configuration settings (except settings that require your personal information) and design all the pages you need so you can start selling ASAP!


What Is Included:

  • Product/Service Sales Funnel (Single Page) = Whether you are launching a product or a service a sales page is needed in order to actually make the sale and complete a transaction. A standard single page sales page will cover every content section you need and much more. Whether you want to sell products for digital download or collect information from potential clients with a service client inquiry form I’ll have all of this configured for you!

  • Product/Service Sales Funnel (Multi-Page) = If you would prefer your sales funnel to be broken up amongst multiple pages then you may want to consider this package. Spreading your sales funnel content across several pages is ideal if you want a more robust and clean look. I recommend this package for subscription based digital products and online or offline services.



Sell Packages = Choose from the list below below…

*(Whether you are selling digital products, physical products, or a service, know that your website is not limited to one type of sales funnel! You can run a product shop, sell an e-course, and even offer a service all on one website.)

  • Product/Service Sales Funnel (Single Page) = $200

  • Product/Service Sales Funnel (Multi-Page) = $300

  • E-Commerce Shop = $150




Below you will learn about my terms of service so that all details of our potential business transaction are thoroughly explained and understood! The terms below are also used as a reference for both parties incase for any reason at all an issue needs to be disputed. If a matter that is not covered in my service terms below needs to be discussed at any stage of service I handle such issues on a case by case basis with the goal to be fair and deliver the best service I can! Please read all terms below very carefully before considering investing in any of my web design service packages!


Service Terms Below…

  • PayPal Payment Required In Advanced - This is 100% mandatory. I will only accept work for payment in advance via PayPal payment processing. PayPal is a safe digital payment processor with a strong reputation you can trust! I only accept this form of payment for the sake of record keeping of business transactions. If you trust in my service then your advanced payment gives me the opportunity to hold true to my service terms and follow through revolved around the service expectations I have presented to you! When business transactions are finalized, this allows me to focus all of my mind and efforts on your project going forward!

  • Payment Non-Refundable After 24 Hour Grace Period - I give this grace period as a courtesy to my clients to allow them a chance to reconsider their business arrangement with me for any reason at all. Once your payment has been sent to me, fortunately you are not locked in immediately as I give a full 24 hours to re-evaluate your decision. However, immediately after the grace period your payment is non-refundable. It is my discretion if I choose to reimburse your payment if requested.

  • Failure Of Service Policy - If for any reason my client is not satisfied with service I handle any issue case by case. My goal is to give my clients an amazing service and create an amazing product. However, if my client’s expectations are beyond what I can deliver it’s up to my clients to realize this. What I guarentee is that if you are unsatisfied with my service I will work with you as best as I can until you are satisfied. With that said, if my client’s expectations are beyond what I can deliver then it is my discretion to what extent I can go to resolve any issues with my service.

  • Client Is Responsible For Content - My web design service covers the overall design and structure of your website - not the creation of your content! I build the framework using the Squarespace platform and it’s ultimately up to my clients to insert their own content since I am not the expert of your niche (you are!). Dummy content is primarily used for the client’s sake as well as content section titles to guide my clients to what content should be inserted in the relevant areas. Squarespace is an extremely user friendly and easy to use interface that requires very little learning curve when it comes to basic editing such as text blocks, video blocks, image blocks, basic styling edits, and so on. Once my work is done it is very easy for my client’s to take the wheel and drive as you will be able to make simple edits very easily yourself!

  • Project Start Date Is Reliant On Completion Of “Client Styles & Preferences Form” (after initial post payment 24 hour grace period) - I do not begin designing until after the 24 hour grace period I allow if my client reconsiders our business arrangement but also not until I have collected a completed “Client Styles & Preferences Form”. I cannot build a website for my clients unless I have information about their project as well as important preferences I will need so that I can design your site around these preferences! If I don’t have this information I am designing your website blind. Furthermore, it is up to my clients to submit this form 100% completed so that I can review it and follow back with confirmation and any questions or concerns I may need to confirm regarding the information provided. Once this stage is completed, the design phase begins! I cannot begin designing until I have this information and we have completed our review stage!

  • Project Completion Date Is Set & Confirmed Revolved Around Current Business Volume & Personal Schedule - My service is revolved around “quality” and not “haste”. Not every stage of my service is dependent on my time as my client’s time is required as well. Also, I can only complete projects as fast as my time will allow. I strive to deliver a product that my clients can be completely satisfied with no matter how long it takes. After the review stage of your “Client Styles & Preferences Form” is completed, at this point a project completion date on when you can expect your product to be completed will be given to you. Your project completion date is revolved around my schedule, how busy I am, and how long I think it will take to complete your project (this does not include the revision stage mentioned below!). Project deliver date is subjective to change if client requests any major design overhauls during the design phase. My project delivery dates are always given conservatively to allow myself a cushion of time so that I can make sure I can meet the expectation I give to you!

  • Primary Communication During Project Is Limited To Email Following A Project Confirmation Phone Call - Email has been around for a long time now and it is by far the best way to communicate business efficiently while engaged in a project! I require an initial confirmation phone call before I accept any payments but from then on email is the required form of communication (unless it is an emergency situation). This is best for both parties so communication stays relevant to the project and so everything can be more thoroughly communicated and recorded.

  • Final Revisions Policy - Final revisions are done in one round and are limited to global site edits in the “Site Styles” editor. through the “Design” tab. My revisions policy does not cover page-to-page “micro edits” . Overhauling page design can result in significant extended project duration and is up to the client to make these additional edits. Squarespace, once again is a very user friendly “point”, “click”, and “drag” editor that allows you to move things around and change basic preferences very easily on your own. The overall design of your site is where my expertise comes into play! Micro edits like moving a text box to a different column or deleting a specific element block is up to my client. I offer one round of “global site” revisions. Once they are delivered to you, my work is done!

  • Service Experience Review Survey - Completing a “Service Experience Review Survey” is also a requirement of my service that I will verbally ask you to agree upon before I collect any payment. This survey is very short and very easy to fill out! It is required to be filled out following completion of my service to you!




If you would like to get started immediately with a web design project you can contact me for hire below! I will respond to your inquiry with 24 hours if not much sooner!


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